The jumping present icon is a lie!

There it is leaping and dancing telling me I have a gift waiting for me.  All I have to do is watch a short video ( yeah,  I can do that for a chest of treasure),  bring it on!  OH WAIT,  not for another hour,  why is it signaling a gift when there is nothing?  Do right annoying,  almost as annoying as having to wait for farm boosts. 

Grrrr!!!  Makes me angry,  telling me there is something and it really nothing!   ?

James the anoited 





Well, it’s cause the ad cooldown is a bug that is present for some people. For the non-bugged accounts, that bouncing present wouldn’t be a lie. I just hope that the whole cooldown issue is fixed by flare soon

me too its been *bugging* me that i cant boost my buildings ( expect for one ) it makes the game less enjoyable