The King's Face needs works!

It’s such a silly thing, but the King’s face needs work!

First off the gender button only changes the hair. 

So you have male or trans.  (Which is great for the whole trans movement! but what about people who feel their queen is a woman in a woman’s body or at least with a woman’s face?)

For reference sake (from your own freaking game), the above image is a female face.

I would love to see an actually female face. 

Next, I would like to be able to customize the face a little bit. 

Even if you solve the problem of the male/female faces.

The male face still looks like a 12 year old boy! 

I’d love to be able to add a Chinese looking beard, or a Viking beard, or a pretentious French mustache…

What do you think this game is, My Makeup Shop? LOL, seriously, I agree with you that it’d be fun to add beards and stuff, but other than that, it ain’t a big deal. The female face is quite obviously a female face

Uh, no! 

Click the gender button the face doesn’t change at all! 

The hair just changes.

It’s always the original male face. 

I don’t know why they couldn’t have used the advisor’s face (below)!


Looking closer for research’s sake, the only difference between the male and female king (besides the hair and voice sample) are the eyebrows, slightly thinner and less “stern”. Not too big of a deal as it suffices if you aren’t overly picky (I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s a male/trans differentiation) but I will always and forever support demands for more customisation options. Facial features aside, why is there only one hairstyle? Maybe make male/female versions of the gear (bikini armor hyeh hyeh :3)? More! Gimme!

On a side note, from day 1 I hate that smirk the advisor has. It’s annoying as hell (if it was supposed to be smug then it’s the wrong smug).

I guess technically it’s cross dressing (styling).  The face doesn’t change, but to change the gender the hair (only) changes!  The lamest attempt at making multiple genders ever!

This is what people call nitpicking, you are searching through the game and finding every tiny fault you can. I guess it’s just a way to get rid of a lot of anger on the perk issue

Is there really any other game that uses the same face for the male and female character.  It’s not nitpicking it’s freaking lazy!

To be fair, I sort of agree that the female face isn’t looking particularly great… #Edit: Not any great at all, to be exact.

Considering it took like 3 years to add some sort of female king (queen) version, I would say there’s probably more urgent stuff to work on to improve the game, though. After all, most of the time is spent upgrading stuff and doing raids, and for those two main activities, the king’s/queen’s face is mostly not the focus of player attention.

Either way, please try to keep the discussion factual instead of making fun of each other’s points of view.

Good point haha

it’s outrageous!!! I refuse to play for the queen who has a little foundation on shis face and not long eyelashes !!!

where are the boobsss

Not in her face, that’s for sure! :grinning:

Like more/new ways to leech money. :wink:

For instance: $9.99 to buy a queen’s face for the queen




Boobs = Old Way to Leech Money!  :wink:

I like the old way.

And $19.99 per boob (that’s 39 bucks for the pair, discounted to $34.99. More discounts for multiboobs fans?).

Ugh, knowing them, they might really do it…

Unless she’s a les lol

I love you guys!

Which might have been the nicest thing I’ve said on this forum, ever!