The Kinship looking to merge alliances or recruit.

We are an alliance of mainly a core of 7 people who produce well during wars. We speak English in our alliance, but welcome people with broken english, or poor English skills. War production is the most important part.

We currently have:

11/23 members

Lvl 18 alliance

17 Fiefdoms

15% gold bonus

Our goal is to have Archers and Paladins on 24/7, and of course someday possibly everything on 24/7.

Require 50k donation minimum for now, but will have a grace period to get to this minimum.

Most importantly we require you to at least fight 3 battles per war fiefdom. We expect all 10 battles, but understand people have lives.

If you would like to join, please request ingame.

If you would like to merge, please friend and contact one or more of the following: Asemia, King Kommon, Chizzletooth, or King Dickslapper and we will be happy to try to work something out.