The latest patch has turned me into a trophy dumper

So there was a pretty significant change to the trophy algorithm last week, which was clearly meant to address trophy stripping and trophy dumping. I’m not sure how well it has worked against those things, but it has made the game no fun for the regular players.

I noticed right away that I was climbing the leaderboards more than usual, because even though wins weren’t giving me as many trophies, losses were rarely taking any away. I quickly found myself breaking up into the 2800-2900 range and no longer able to win any battles. But even with pretty bad losses where I only got to around 20%, I was still GAINING trophies. I only actually lost trophies if I got around 15% or lower. So after about a week, I couldn’t do better than 50-60% on any bases in my trophy range, without spending gems on the “I Win” buttons, and my losses weren’t pushing me back down into an appropriate range where I had a chance of winning.

Since I couldn’t farm enough gold to keep my upgrade pipeline full, I now trophy dump. It’s actually still fairly easy to do, and the slower trophy gain means I don’t have to do it that much. Two to three days of playing, one day off for trophy dumping.

Anyway, this feels pretty broken. I appreciate the problems you guys are trying to solve, but it seems to have created a new set of problems. Unless trophy dumping is now meant to be a first-class aspect of gameplay, in which case maybe you can just add a minigame for it in a future patch. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes pointed this out in another thread. About how it’s far more effective than an open base. I’ll be doing it because it’s the only option when you upgrades become to expensive. I’m ok for now but…Like you say if you get so high up that the only way to win is hitting the “I win” button what else can I do. I’m pretty sure they’ll come up with a good solution. Just when. It’s actually very easy to solve but it infinges on the business model.

Ill just get the 2.4k trophy achievement and be done with it. The game is very similar to many other strategy games out there like clash of clans where climbing trophies is more like a torture than a benefit. 

That’s why we need more incentives going up the rank.

I was one of the original dumpers, but I did it for gold, not trophies. Everyone grinds and gets stuck at a 1200-1399 rating for a while, and the fights are really hard. BUT if you ignore the 1400 goal and tank some matches you can eventually gain 2oo-4ooK gold (before bonuses) per fight (by fighting much “higher” ranked “favorites” and those in your leagues). 


My current rating is now just shy of 3000, and i’m not even trying to get rating points, I just have a lot of spells and units maxed so few bases pose a challenge. 


The best way to keep your trophies low (and doesn’t cost you any food/effort) is to have a purposely weak defense - (short path, very few towers) people will fight you more often, beat you more often, and actually spend gems more often (mass quantity over quality).If you spend your earned money as often as you get it, you won’t lose anything. If you want to save up, save for a 1 or 3 day gold shield and then save up and buy whatever.


Honestly, I have spent some money (discounted gem pack for $12) because I do like to support games that I play, but the truth about trophy dumping has nothing to do with players “abusing” the system, its because the game itself by design is pay-to-win, meaning that if someone wants it bad enough, they can simply get a second account - level it all the way up (using money to make it faster) - and use it to sabotage all of the other high rated players and let their original account always hold the first place. Because they are willing to pay more, they win more. Simple. The only way to fix this is to not have players ever lose trophies ever. Wins give more than losses (percentage bonuses), and people fighting you can’t affect your personal score at all. Of course, then people will spend less to be number 1 because - well lets face it, I could try to earn points and actually get near 4000 and grind those fights and try to get on top, but if points never drop, then the scores would be 12oooo and climbing and I’d never be motivated to spend money to catch up…


Good thing I just want max upgrades… 


TLDR: The system is fine the way it is - only the top 1% of the 1% would ever attempt to do this (I’d bet money that ALL of the worst contenders are in the top 10(cause whom else would benefit from spending all that $$$ for this?)). Since the top 1% spend the most money; those that pay-more-to-win (by hurting the rankings of others) only cause all of the other big spenders to spend a lot more so… what does changing the system do other than make RR lose money?