The League isn't fair



I noticed recently that the league isn’ fair 100%. For example some players in the league have 1000 trophies while others have 5000 or 6000. also some players in the league have trophies bonus according to their rank while others don’t which makes it harder to raid and also some players get low medals by matchmaker because their rank is low so some players have higher chances of winning gems than others which isn’t fair.


Also I wish there would be more gems resources in the game other than league to make please who can’t win the league to earn some gems too


I hope 

Leagues have never been fair. Players who can enter a certain league get as competitors the ones who can also enter the same league and pressed the “Join the league” in a similar time (unless the league is already fall). So there’s nothing that checks if players are similar, and I’ve never seen anyone complain about it, you only have to play until you’re good enough (and lucky enough) ot have chance to win one. Just like I did, and I have no complains :slight_smile:  

I am not complaining about my self. I can win the league I am a player since more than 2 years and a member of top alliance but I am talking about many factors in general that are making the league not fair.

The trophies of the player and the medal bonus and the free food by videos for IOS and Android so windows players can’t do as much raids as IOS and Android can with also boosted farms

there are many things in the game and league specifically I am talking about now.


Maybe not fair league is good for top players even for me sometimes but really sometimes the league is not fair at all and depending on it as almost the only gems source it will be hard for the majority of the players

league have nothing to do with trophies


Ik but some players who have 1000 trophies can’t raid and earn as much medals as players who have 5000 or 6000 that’s my point.

We know that too, you’re right, but here we go back to what I said originally: Leagues have never been fair. Lower players only need to grow up :slight_smile:  


So why not use the same argument for alliance wars?

Let the top team compete against the lower teams. Do this and you take out all the enjoyment. Many things are not fair and they are fixed over time.

Make leagues fair and it will be more enjoyable for more players.

League is only about the fifth star and 375 gems. Alliance wars are much bigger than that, and by the way, higher fiefs mean better war boosts, on leagues higher players don’t get better rewards…

Think that when you 'll get stronger you will get your revenge  :stuck_out_tongue:  Leagues have never been fair sadly. Flare should balance even that stuff lol There are many things Flare should balance. Maybe when the entire world will die…

Ok I will admit that although league wars are unfair, it is still better than the granny rip-off feature

Agree players have to improve and grow up. But when many basic features and keys to grow up and stronger are for gems then it won’t be easy for the new players to make it.

Like the spells slots and unit slots and blacksmit and alliance tower and many other features are for gems and without them the player can’t really grow so the lack of gems for at least the basic stuff is making many new players unable to compete and grow. so again the league should be more fair or at least make new free gems resources other than the 2 gems in the chests 

I don’t think so. Higher players should get more gems because everything is more expensive for them. For getting gems there are dungeons and quests, which prizes get better with time. Players only need patience to save enough gems and keep growing and buy stuff like the ones you mentioned. That’s what I did indeed.

The main argument seem to be: League wars are not fair, was never fair and high level kings like it the way it is and tell the rest to grow up. (Currently high level above 4000 trophy levels and low trophy levels below 2000 are getting advantage)

okay so lets keep it unfair.

Is there not a way to make leagues a little more fun for everyone?


There are lower leagues were lower players can have a better chance. I still can’t beat Diamond League by the way, I’ve only won it twice and I was lucky. As you advance in the game, you’ll progressively get a higher chance to win it, I can still grow a bit to increase that chance for myself. The fifth star is one of the last milestones that a high player is supposed to get, not something that any 2k trophies player can achieve with just playing a while. And I guess the leagues feature wasn’t made to be fun, it only gives gems (good to have somewhere to get free gems each time), but doesn’t add anything to the gameplay as you still raid normally. 

Not true! :stuck_out_tongue:  I won the fifth league at 2.2k trophies. Not with my account, though. It was on a friend’s account that he asked me to take care of when he went on vacation for a month. You can earn 400-600 medals per 1.5-minute raid at that level pretty easily if your gear is leveled up. I watched a boatload of ads and spent most of his vouchers to do it - I won with about 32k medals total. I never told him about the vouchers though, but I don’t think he noticed :grinning:  All he noticed was that his king was up like 20 levels or so and he had his 5th star.

do you want to use my account i could use that 5 star

lol how big are you? I can give you some tips for that 5th star…

I do have a few suggestions to change the league composition that might make it a bit more fun (but will unfortunately change the whole mechanic of how it has worked in the past).

1) The first change will be to limit the trophy variance between players in the first 3 leagues. My suggestion is to allow for bronze league only a 1000 trophy range, for silver league a 2000 trophy range, for gold league a 3000 trophy range and leave the last two leagues unchanged. 

  1. The second change is to make the already unfair system a bit more unfair by giving the winners of a league (that is the kings that is promoted to the next league) an advantage in the next league. Implement the following rules:

a. When a king win a league, group that king with opponents where at least 50% will give him between 50-500 medals.

b. When a king loose a league or stay in the current league, use that king to fulfil option a.

c. When you attack a king within your league give a 20% medal bonus - meaning the king that would have given 50 medals will give 60 medals; the king that would give 500 medals will give 600.

d. Implement the above rules only for the first 3 leagues (bronze, silver and gold)



a. Only the lower leagues are effected where the gem bonus is not that high.

b. This change will allow and promote attacks between members of the league. It might be a bit more fun.

c. In order to win the diamond league - you still need to grow up as was always the case

d. To implement these rules should be very easy as it is only a balancing exercise on the server (and maybe a small one on the client)


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