The League of Gods and Titans

Hi all,

We have been fulfilling requests from Alliances which were heavily catapulted up in the League of Gods due to issues in the last War. This does not mean that any Alliance can now ask for their Torches to be removed. We will be placing two Alliances at the top of the League of Gods, they are the Alliances which, per statistics, have a good chance to do well. We cannot prevent everyone from going up, and unfortunately there were no volunteers, so we will now make the choice.

These Alliances will be  guaranteed  as good rewards and have a massive chance to get better rewards once the Season ends in 3 weeks.

If there is an Alliance which would like to volunteer to be promoted from the League of Gods, please let me know before the War starts, otherwise, good luck to all!

- Captain Morgan


Update: One brave Alliance has volunteered. It would be great if one more could come forward.