The Lions Den Ambassador

Hello everyone,

The Lions Den has appointed one of our generals, HuggyTheHuge , as our ambassador. He has been visiting many alliances , building allies. We enjoy reaching out and meeting new teams , and players. Huggy is very diplomatic, and offers great advice. Many teams run like a well oiled machine , and don’t any advice , but still like to exchange ideas . If your alliance would like to visit with us , or possibly pursue a string ally , please post your alliance name on this thread.

Also we are always looking for great players . We Stay ranked between 20-30 depending on whether or not we have members assisting allies. We have many boosts activated at all times. We have 2 Facebook pages. And we gave masters of offense and defense to offer assistance. Our team is very social, and helps each other out. Our requirements are as follows :

King level 85 or higher

250k donation or higher

4,500 trophies or higher

Strong offensive skills

Strong base and defense

So if you would like to join , and meet or exceed these requirements please post you IGN here or apply in game. Feel free to post or apply if you do not meet the requirements, but are relatively close to the requirements.

Thanks for your time,


Hello everyone,

We now have four alliances, and more on the way. We have an alliance for every king/queen , and skill level. If you are looking for a place to call home , please reply to this thread , or apply to one of our alliances.

The Lions Den


The Jungle Family


We also have a green number if ally alliances, who are always willing to work with us. Join us , be apart of the movement.



P.S. More acquisitions soon to come . If you have an alliance that you no longer desire, no matter the current condition, talk to us . Game time in between war seasons will be heavily dedicated to reconstruction and development.