The Lions Den Under Attack!

Hey guys,

TLD currently is being hacked by a guy

A lot of alliance members were kicked out by him.

Things are becoming normal now…hopefully

holy cow he was a general?


I think 1 of the general’s account was hacked.

After demoting all the generals, the alliance was calm again.

Just that before leadership took control, the hacker spent almost all of the alliance’s gold on useless boost…for 41 days

Just to clarify…it was not assem2

Do you have the name of the according player who did this?

Hi Alyssa,
We suspected the account of one of the general was hacked.

The IGN was shivam gupta1
Is there any way for him to get back his account?


man sorry to hear that. i hope your alliance can recover of this hacker, hopefully flare may help you with that because is not fair for you and your entire alliance.

He needs to contact the customer support team for this…

Just for this reason, we need the name of the general/leader who abused his power. A similar scenario has happened to Burninator and Immortal Legends if I remember well.

At least there is proof by giving the name and I would not give a general and even leader the power to kick a lot of members within a short period of time. Reduce it to one member per hour max, then action can be at least taken to prevent the person destroying an entire team.

Indeed, this is not the first time it happens.

There is one thing I can’t understand. If the account owner does no tricks, no dirty business and does not cheat by interesting ways, how can his account be hacked?

Hmm… There is a way  probably, when a player quits the game and someone else from the same alliance takes over to run his account. The original player can return one day on his device and make problems.

My advise: Don’t ever nominate a general any of the accounts whose original owner has quit.

One of the generals wife/girlfriend caught him cheating. She log on and sold all his SP gear, Spent all his pearls and then started messing his alliance up. Their leader log on in time to save the alliance from further damage.

Wow, that is hard. But why hurt other players? That is just sick.

Hey! A family Drama! Need a popcorn… :slight_smile:

Probably, one can hack if some person knows a lot of secret info of your account. Like when you started to play, maybe an exact list of all uber items, List of Gem Purchases, Inventory Slots, etc. So basically do not reveal too much on info a public domain.

A game can totally ruin someone’s relationship too…  :rolleyes: