The Lions Den is a top 30 alliance. We welcome anyone 3,000 trophies and up , level 70 or higher to apply. We level up quickly , and fill empty slots fast. We do have a couple of members with less trophies, but as they have been loyal to the alliance from the beginning, the alliance is loyal to them. We have two rules : DONATE DAILY , AND DO NOT ACCEPT INVITES! We have a lot of good people from all over the world. We are friendly and social.

Best alliance 😠the only alliance I can trust on.

Join guys… SKY is the limit. And we are going to be rank 1.

Thanks to our leader (y)

Great Job Mike… Keep it up!

and Good luck to your Alliance… :slight_smile:

just loving our alliance … thanks to our leader.

may the spirit of the alionce be with you :grinning: