The Low Lands

Hi all,

Recently I got removed by my alliance leader despite being an active and contributing member ranked well beyond the average in this alliance, this to make space for players with a higher trophy count. This inspired me to create my own alliance which I have been leveling up for the past few days. Now I am looking for a few initial members to help kick start this new alliance and get it going. My promise towards you is that loyalty and activity will be valued greater than trophy counts, and that no active member shall be removed to make place for a new member.

If you are interested in joining and helping this new alliance get off the ground, leave a message with your in game name below for an invite. Or find us in game and join up!

Hope to see you in game!


Alliance Information
Alliance level: 13

Member count: 5

Gold bonus: 6%

Requirements and rules last change made on: 2016 05 15
Alliance Req** uirements** 

  • Alliance Tower minimum level 3 (Donation 5k)
  • At least 600 trophies

Alliance Rules

  1. The main language of the alliance is English, please respect that others may not speak your language.
  2. Promotions are earned. Loyalty and Activity are key.