The middle of the war season

Good afternoon, I come to report a problem that happened in my alliance called IMPÉRIO BRASIL. In this new season we started in the Warriors League, but in the second war this season we were moved to the Alloy Heroes altomatically but without the war blessing, without the gem score. When climbing the league, we lost all 9 torches we won in the first war of the season. I wanted to know what happened and what justifications.

Hi CarlaB,

In case, an alliance can’t participate in a war anymore this alliance will drop out of the league and an alliance of the lower league will be automatically get promoted to the higher one.

In your case, an alliance from the League of Warriors could not participate in the war anymore, therefore they dropped out of the league. That is the reason why your alliance, IMPÉRIO BRASIL, got promoted to the League of Heroes during the season. At the end of the whole season you will receive all rewards (Boosts + Gems) from the current league you are in.

Sorry for the confusion and I hope it helps.

Even our alliance has the same problem! They made us go up in the league but they did not give us the blessings that are due to us to play on par with the other alliances! This is not right at all! Let’s wait in a quick resolution of this annoying bug.