The Midnight Snacks looking for new members

Hi I am the interim leader of The Midnight Snacks. My name is Shadowtalon88. Our leader, Sir Wokstar,  has taken some time off for personal reasons. We are looking for active members who will participate in the events that come up. In our alliance description Sir Wok posted only 2 requirements and they are to participate and donate so I am staying with those. We are level 29 mostly english speaking,  but only have approximately 10 or so active members that help out during the events so it is a bit difficult to challenge or even hold our own against the other alliances we are placed against. If you are active and enjoy taking part in the events then please give us a try and see what you think. We have a fun bunch and the leaders/generals are on frequently. We will also consider an alliance merging with us if there are any that is having the same problems with active members. I can not agree to merge our alliance with yours since The Midnight Snacks is not my alliance, that is something Sir Wokstar will have to decide when he returns but we will gladly take in members of another alliance that wishes to join us. We do boosts quite often and we will take into consideration requests from members who want a certain boosts. We will take any level player as long as you active and take part in the events. Currently I am the highest level in the alliance with about 3k cups and lvl 103 ish but most are between 1500-2500 cups. So if you are interested please contact one our generals/leaders for an invite and come and check us out. If we are not for you then we understand but we are a fun bunch and we give it our best. Thank you and hope to see/hear from you soon. Shadowtalon88