The money is too low

I want to know y am getting too low money from the attacks?i mean is it because of the last update…now The upgrades need at least 4m and ALL I GET IS 12K OR 200K MAXIMUM THAT IS CRAZY!!! 

You need to get a stronger offense to attack harder bases.

I suggested to lose a certain number of battles in matchmaking to lose trophies, then you remain in that trophy range and will attack only players in old trophy range. In few days, you will find bases with a lot of gold in old trophy range.

Try and farm COF by raiding 500 trophy range using farm gear if have any. Keep doing this collecting same order of chests and you should be able to build gold for what you need.

I know there is a problem right now with gold. I suspect the majority have stop playing after the server breakdown. I think its gonna worst in 5 days when some become inactives.for the rest they have low taverns so the gold don’t up faster and stuck at 10k or 12k. Players don’t play much too. Some play 1 time a day. No active players in low range. I guess you have more chance to find gold if you up trophy range. for sure at 500-2000 is totally died. Maybe more chance at 2500+

For now my Free Chest allow me to gain 5 Millions and do upgrades in all my list for the Boost your Offense. If each 2 days i must collect 14 chest. That hurt my limited data usage. its close 5 MB-7MB per chest. I don’t like this temporary solution

Don’t you have access to a free public WiFi where you play?

That could help you reduce your data usage a lot.

After some test i found the fix :

You are too much overpowering for your range. Up your trophy and you will see opponent at 200k-800k enough fast. The game auto detect your power and adjust with it. So if you are too much strong the result will be low gold. its a way to protect low player from high player

its ok I don’t need it anymore. I don’t need anymore free chest. I can now raid like before

personally attacks people who have 500 more trophies - one in ten people must show 700-900k.