The Monk

I’ve created this topic since I want to see what you guys think or know about the monk. So far:


  • The Monk is a troop that can be unlocked in the troop academy, possibly troop academy level 9.
  • The Monk will cost more morale than regular units, but less morale than monsters [excluding gargoyles], (so I’m guessing around 7-9 morale points?)
  • The Monk will not do as much damage as other units but has a special ability to heal troops.

I think that it will attack with a club of some sort every second, and heal units with its staff every five or so seconds.


What do you think??

* the monk will be unlocked on troop academy 9. It will have levels upto 4-5 (depending if they introduce troop academy 11).

* I hope it will have high morale than the rest 7-10 probably.

* I hope it does poison damage (he is a monk if he can create healing potions than he should have poison potions as offensive options.) Moreover I wont be surprise if they would give his damage type random (I mean he can have ice fire and poison damage type randomly each hit).

I hope that he can attacks enemies with his beard plaited to gain respect since he is small  :wink:

Maybe he doesn’t deal damage and just heals, that’s what I think, but he might use his own spells to attack too.

I hope he does do some damage.

The real question is will he be OP or be a weak unit at release. Balance issues always arrive when new levels or units appear ya know.

The official poster shows that he deals with potions (reason behind healing capabilities) so I doubt he would attack with spells bt rather with potions.