The Most Brilliant Suggestions Here

So, i think i have some fairly reasonable suggestions that can make gameplay better for everybody involved.



First: Hover over tavern, or Farm to display stored coins and bread. 

(reason): i, like probably everybody here, wait to attack til i have maximum food in silo, and maximum bread in every single farm. the reason for that is, i want to spend all of my silo bread, attack my favorites, then spend all of my stored farm bread attacking, THEN i activate my free daily shield.  so perhaps if we can hover over our farms, we can make better choices for planning our shield usage.


Second: Fix the issue with our troops blocking our path. i constantly use the mummy, and the wherewolf. the problem is, if you have two or three mummys deployed, you can find yourself fighting your way through your own troops just to make it to the gate. i will lose on average 10 to 15 seconds of valuable time, just bumping my way through my own troops! needless to say, i’ve lost that third crown pretty regularly thanks to this unnecessary blockage, especially when fighting higher ranks, when every second counts. 


I’ll keep the list short, to assure your undivided attention.



Thank you!



I’d like to see current fill status of those as well, so something similar to that would be great. Though, hovering over them is only possible with a windows pc and mouse. On tablets / smartphones, there’s no mouse, so no hovering… maybe a long press could work instead there, but might lead to accidentally retrieving the food more often than actually checking… hmm

I like the first one. It would be really nice to know how much you have in taverns and silos before you go raiding. Its not to bad to calculate it tho, 3 hours to fill farms most levels, 2.5 hours to fill a max farm. As for the second idea, I agree that mummies are a pain. Ive recently started using them in my raids and love em, but they often keep my horde of little units stuck crawling and I have to scream to speed them up. Maybe reduce their ‘weight’ in game a bit, but not remove it. The push effect is a good part of the game IMO. Its also why monster heavy waves are so hard right at the beginning of a raid, hard to push past all them ogres trying to play whack-a-mole with your king


*Edit* ^^^Oh, I didnt think of that. Yea im on a tablet too, so there is no way for me to hover over those without clicking on them lol

Those are very good points. That’s actually true about tablets and phones not having a hover ability. but honestly, i think the hard press would be a pretty reasonable solution. i might not have the answer, but i’ll bet the big brains in programming can figure out a better solution than i can spit-ball in a few seconds. but since we’re discussing PC and Tablet features, i do have a third suggestion.



Third suggestion: Add “watch video” option to the PC, for when you need bread in a pinch. this is by far the best feature on the phone/tablet version, and i would gladly watch video’s, instead of shelling out Gem’s. also,  you can’t argue with the ad revenue, right? :slight_smile:

I like the first one but for the second one I would say I had seen videos of many players attacking on high level players using mummies but they never faced this problem because most of them use mummy to defend their hero at the crucial moment when hero health is quite low and more than two airblasters attacking on by summoning mummy at that moment mummy can take all the shots for you and this will gives you chance to maybe you should decrease the number of mummies you call to solve this problem of yours…



those are very good observations about the mummy “body guard” approach. i love what they do to block the opponent, but i was only suggesting maybe we should be able to move them more than they’re able to slow us down. this wouldn’t inhibit us from using them to absorb damage in the way you suggested, infact if we were able to push them more freely, i could imagine we’d get more effective use out of that particular method. either way, i see no benefit from being slowed down by my own troops. i’d just like to be able to make my way through my small mummy army more freely. they’re fully leveled up, and i would love to use them as my primary troop without the negative side effect towards my final time. i feel like there is plenty of room for compromise here.

I think mummies (as well as the other monsters) are harder to push to avoid attacking kings push them around / back too much. 

Also, on attack, your hard-to-push monsters are hard to get past by the defense troops. E.g. if you run forward, summon a mummy there, and retreat, the mummy will slow down the advance of the defensive wave troops a lot, and you get more time to recover and regroup your main raiding party. 


So I think the big weight of the mummies is part of their behavior and usage strategy. Btw initially, they were easier to push and many people then complained they were too easy to push. 


Maybe try practicing mummy handling a few times while testing your own defense, to get a better feeling for timing and dealing with them to reduce the amount of slowdown?

On a related note, did monsters get easier to push after one of the recent updates?  It seemed like there was a period I couldn’t push an ogre at all, but recently I can run them right up a straight lane. It’s quite fun, I must say.  Instead of my troops taking stun damage, I absorb a hit or two and stun the ogre with my frost sword and archers do the dirty deed an annihilate him.

True, I noticed it too, they seem to have been on a diet of some sorts… good to know it’s not just me to have that impression! :wink: