The Most Powerful Spell of All...

Easter is comming…


Die hard Royal Revolt fans remember the original Easter update as the biggest day in RR history.

It included 4 new Bonus levels with an interesting challange and an epic reward…


In the ‘Happy Easter’ bonus levels, the hero had to fight with only spells and could not deploy his usuall troops. He could however, spam baby ogres armed with carrots, awww baby ogres so cute!

Sucsess unlocked the mighty ‘Monster Eggs’ Spell CRACK!!!


I foam at the mouth of the return of the best spell ever.


 If you like me and would like to see ‘Monster Eggs’ return this Easter, get crackin and like or comment this thread.

It was undoubtedly the best spell in the RR history. So, yes from my side




I did actually create a topic of events in rr to be moved to rr2, I thought it would’ve been another reason to keep playing or so.


no bump!

Screw that I’m sticking with Toxic Cloud!!

btw, lets not forget about the carrot baby ogres! :grinning:

I cant believe that flare didnt revamp the egg spell and the bunny to RR2…I think that flare may make the knights look like the bunnies from RR1 for Easter…for every platform excluding windows as always…and the bunnies with carrot swords may promote eating healthy! xD

like I said before, Flare could, on Easter, add a new landscape called Happy Easter across all operating systems, where, like Happy Birthday, all you knights would turn into something else. however, it would be bunnies instead of androids.

Since I got a new tablet, I started playing first part from the start, because my youngest likes to play that game. I actually love the monster egg from that part.