The mummy, the offence and the defence...

Well flare with every patch or buff and sh…t u make offence way too overpowered and the defence kinda useless (this thing wouldn be fixed with stupid +1 on craps). Now this stupid mummy spawns a knights that wont be attacked or affected by most spells and towers and u can actually faceroll everything. So please stop adding ridicilous buffs and crap in offence cuz this war will be a mash.

This boost is actually very good and these ghost knights can be killed by any tower except LT. Also this boost works on defense, so I don’t see any problems.

Any tower? These knights dont take damage from  poison fire ice lighting fire even doom gate and also most of the spells.

They do take damage except LT. just tested they took damage from snake tower and oneshot them with blizz

No idea what KK is talking about.   you can no scroll top 10 bases with ONLY spamming Mummy now with toxic, blade and sonic thats all you need . defense is comical now in this game.

Its not cool( but its only in 1 war

future is near,top 10 base was upgrading and become really stronger) its nice,i like die in base,new feeling!

Well, i am no top player so I have no idea about it.

For my level, i like the boost, one season putrid prowler, next season ruthless pharaoh. Enjoy it.

No worries - you’ve got the fabulous FRIGHTENING WOLF to help you in defence!!

The mighty werewolf is now bigger!! You can’t get past it = you can’t win :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: