The New Easter Egstravaganza Event

Has Flaregames noticed a phenomenon with the levelling system in the event? I know that there’s supposedly a Level 30 cap, but how are players getting level 490, 500, 666, 800, 888 and 1111? And the levelling is getting higher. Is this some sort of bug. I know you cannot buy your way past Level 30.

Some have confirmed that once you reach the end it “begins” again and that you get pretty much the same rewards.
After I didn’t experience myself so I am just believing others.

It seems there is no limit.

And players , less than smart , actually spending gobs of gems for 250 pet food​:rofl::rofl:

Those rewards :joy::joy::joy:
Well invested diamonds :stuck_out_tongue:

The featured player should be one that didn’t use diamonds to achieve level.

I wonder what the combined levels of waste1,waste2,waste3,waste4,waste5 is.

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No idea. As i know this guy have 1 account.
Do you think different?

Maybe so. but in this case most of the players will end on first place :wink: But who cares. If you need items or other stuff, or an egg emblema … It’s up to you. Personally i don’t mind. It is not pay 2 win because there is nothing to win :wink:


Agreed nothing of value.

I don’t want to talk about the super doper update now, but about the very annoying charging image.

Normally, great wallpapers of flaregames are created to shorten the loading time.
This time the image is not in the quality as usual, it is very simple built and very colorful of the colors. I’d love to switch it off, it’s totally annoying.

If Flaregames need help with the loading images I would suggest a picture contest. Developer please remove this image and restore the normal ones! Thanks


Good descriptive image for the childlike imagination that went into this event​:sleepy::sleepy:

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maybe only i see a difference in Quality … Pic last year Easter Event

it not look like cheap photoshop :roll_eyes:


The players who didnt use diamonds will all have almost same low level…

Do you want to be on that featured? If no, let those heavy payers be and compete… As free players, our goal is not to be on featured list of something unappealing… If that featuring helps payers to pay more and more, let them be…