The new member of the alliance can not fight in the dance of the dead

The new member of the alliance can not fight in the dance of the dead…

Is there a cooldown or something?


sooooo…no one can`t help me ?


I left an alliance 2 weeks ago after doing 3 zombie missions.

Joined another and was able to continue, so he should be able to aswell.


If he really can’t participate for some reason, he should contact support.

The is no such thing like cd in this event when you switch alliances so not sure what is the problem. Could he send a ss of what he is seeing ? Maybe he failed a raid and is out of attacks ?

good idea…and no he can`t do even a sigle run

If he was not eligible for the event before the event started, he cannot join after the event had started.

So he needed to have at least 900 trophies or be in an Alliance before the beginning of an event.

…There is a problem. He can not make screenshot …
I do not know if it’s important, but today he returned to the game after more than three weeks …

Maybe the reason is what Alysea posted above then, maybe he was not in an alliance when event started ?

He has over 3k t.
… his ign is : Elthard

He was not…but  trophies over 3k… so whats the problem?


If he was inactive when it started, then it is more likely the reason. :confused:

Thx… Late a few minutes :slight_smile: shame, but it is his fault

Or perhaps do extra league for the outcasts :slight_smile:

Such a little Shawshank :grinning: