The New Skull Tower Boost !!!

Hey Guys



Don’t get it as complain  … !! yet , but  is it just me or skull tower bases now unbeatable in the same range before the boost  !!!


i just dropped 150 trophy and now i barely beat 700 medal base, i was doing 1000+ medal base yesterday


i just want to know where the fault is !!! .


iam using Blizz/Shield/Sonic  knight or paladin/wolf/oger all maxed 


13.5k leadership level 89


any one can help !!!

What I do is this (98.5% scream):


I call 3 ogres, 2 wolves and a ton of knights while screaming back to the tent.

I have to be very careful at the upper chokepoint (L base) where its full of skulls, first I destroy the skulls on my side and try to save blizzard or SB to kill the gargoyles and then the same with the other side.

It’s very risky because your army can die any moment and it takes a lot of time but its the only thing I have figured out. And still i only win half of the time.


thanks for the note, i have only leadership gear

yea are right but you said its 50% wining :slightly_frowning_face:


i survive the L choke point but i lose at least 3 wolfs and all ogers and half the paladins , i get the first 3 ogres wave chain stun me to death cause i have low wolfs to howl one or two only with low hp

They only 5% stronger than unboosted and pops a few gargs.

shouldnt be life or death I can hardly tell a diff.


but yes, if killing skull tower is your goal id suggest dumping blizz in favor of almost anything else.


it spawn 3 gargs after they destroyed !!! , thats not few gargs !!! if stacked 6 towers thats 18 gargoyle !!! this is enough to destroy the entire map, and they not pop up one shot to kill them all one shot, and its not even from distance to even see them  and might do some thing !!!


if you destroyed 3 skulls you need to act with spell to kill the spawning gargs that leaves you without spells for the next three gargs !!!

and this is max skull tower we are talking you cant leave them hitting you as you save spell for the spawning gargs, cause simply they will destroy your army before it got destroyed !!!

run faster.


try my base it has only frost towers up today



I think I remember a solve for how to kill these towers on youtube video about the boosts could check that out too

the only video boosted on this matter was using dragofroster which so many people don’t have,


gargs are the fastest unit in the game LOL

If u have the surprise mummy, u can spawn them when a skull is destroyed

when the skull tower are stacked this will not be useful also the real problem with the wolf died, and other wolf coming die from froster

Look up “jason the awsome” his like level 31-32 with pretty much all skulls. Would he now be unbeatable?

Boosted skull towers just ruined the game balance and it is not interesting to play now. Now it is just the matter of luck but not the experience if you beat the base or not.

No, it’s exactly the opposite.

iKamael, as far as I unterstand you are currently on level 62 but I’m on level 99. Maybe on low levels it is not seen because of not much skull towers but on high levels the game is unplayable now without gems.

Skull tower is already a really strong mighty tower, why boosting it ? Thats’ insane…

they should give a boost to frost tower or snake tower instead.

We already have Gargs tower and having a cluster of them in the chokepoint, that’s a hell.

players need tons of gems and pearls in able to beat a base most especially during war time…

When there is no room for error, and if u want to win…players are force to use gems and pearls…

And that is frustrating… Free player will not survive in the top alliances

I just didnt understand why u said that would be the matter of luck


Exactly. It’s frustrating. If you want to be sure to get through you have to pick very easy opponents. And it’s the same for my attackers. Sometimes they get through with no scroll (very few in this war) and sometimes the same player needs 3 scrolls. 

I’m pretty sure we will loose a lot of players to lower alliances after the war.

if any one see that skull tower boost is easy !!!  no scrolling needed post video to some strong base you can beat !!!