The new war system

Guys i want to discuss the new rules.

does someone understand them well?


i have some questions i want to discuss.

as i understand everyone can start the war by attavking on map? Not only generals and leaders?

there are no time limits for attack?

Why do we need troops?

is it true- we can donate from fake accounts( @PaSte i see the problem here, you can join alliance, donate and leave)? Seems like big strange thing


i dnt want to learning during the war.

i want to discuss


@LacunaC @PaSte


Think you can only donate from fake account, when you keep free that space.

once a Hero is placed on warsituation, he had to stay there till war is over.

what if that Hero left alliance before end war?

so i guess if you want donate from fake accounts, i guess you have to let people not participating in wars

Are tou sure bhe have tostay till end?

Fake account donations was the first thing on my mind. Just like pro tickets. If it will be this way then it sucks! But I hope I’am wrong. Soon we will see.

I am first pointing to FAQ, in official announcements, flare will add extra knowledge there. Here it is 

Now I am going to give you some guidelines. Players can only participate in one war at a time (unless you are assigned as guardian of a watchtower). Realize what this means. That means when you participate in an ongoing war, you can’t help in another war. That means, you have to chose whether you join a war or not. It’s strategy, you have to realize that more wars can be started, so keep some players in reserve to anticipate.

So with that in mind, be smart and don’t join an ongoing war that you can’t change at all. Only join when it’s an important war to win and you can change the outcome. So when you can score a supreme victory, it could be wise to join. Having said that, once you join a war, you make a move and immediately this results in a cool down period, so even when you win, it takes time before you can join another war.

Say, you lose the war. Your hero will lose all it’s troops and be returned to headquarters. So this is also important to realize, when you can’t change the tide, don’t join that war, your troops will be lost and you lose time and energy moving on the map!

Even more important is starting ‘luring’ opponent wars for distraction. Say you plan to destroy a watchtower at a very important place. You can send a player to an unimportant place and declare war there, with objective to lure in a lot of other players from the other team. Since they can’t leave that war, make sure to sacrifice just enough players to prevent a supreme victory and destroy that watchtower with enough remaining forces, when you see that your strategy worked and the other team will not have enough players to prevent your real intention. 

So also when two other teams are in a close war, with plenty of time remaining, you can take advantage of this strategy by overwhelming them, players in a war can’t prevent it. 

Now about troops, you assign troops on watchtowers and players. Troops can not be assigned on towers and players participating a war. So it’s important to assign those troops before a war is started. They seem to give bonuses in defense and offense. Beware… When a war is lost, those troops are lost completely. Even some troops from victor will be lost. 

A player can not participate in an ongoing conquest when he joins an already started conquest. However… he can donate resources. So if you leave one account open, you can use that for adding resources more fast by multiple accounts in reserve indeed. 

Also raiding with skull gear is important, wars work just like wars during war season. Only you can only fight in one war at a time (unless being assigned guardian)


@cr1 the troops help lessen the cost of energy when you attack. It also helps you prevent or achieve Supreme Victory. It will balance things out when 3 top 10 alliances attack VL who has tons of tropps in this upcoming Conquest =p

Like in OR.

seems shit for me.

also if it would start wars in strange times it would be awessome fail.


Ww have a lot of resources.

but i dnt want to have hard to manage war rules.

seems i need to manage which tile we will focus and which not

@Dena4what does it mean -Supreme victory?

When a team’s skull far exceed the other team’s skull. By how much depends on “modifiers” which is also affected by troops. The exact formula is unknown though. Flare didn’t release it.

When you start a war, some difference in skulls is set as extra condition to win an ongoing war faster. And that difference decreases in time of war progress. So the longer a war is going on, the lower the difference in skulls is required. I think flare added this to prevent players being stuck in a war that they won for sure, why would they need to wait till end of this war? 

How that first initial value is calculated I don’t know yet, that’s an unanswered question by flare. Can be troops assigned to players and watchtowers, depend on terrain and so on. 

All we know so far, is when your team mates who participate in that war score enough skulls and reach the target of supreme victory, that war doesn’t need to run till the end, the team scoring that requirement will win faster.

If there is a transfer during the war

Materials can be carried like a replacement army. Even before the war.

Naturally there is a strategy of cooperation among allies and friends.This is also friendship and strategy.

There are also people who do not participate in alliance warfare and conquest mode

And maybe it’s just that? It is just like a donation.

Yes, once a battle has started, a Hero has to stay, can’t be remplaced on other tile, until war is over (1 day).

so use 64 members, 1 not and you can make as much donations by fake accounts.

no herolevel needed, so with the gems you get creating new account, you can level up to 2 for free,  and as mentioned elsewhere in meantime collecting pro league tickets also?

i guess lot are now stimulating their friends, family to create an account for donations ?

As usual.  I love reading posts by some of the mature, solid players in the game.  Thx to Dena and others…

You are welcome. Hope your team uses that as an advantage.

Yes.  We were wondering that u are giving away tips to all.   Lol.  But our rank is much higher.  So we not meet Genie and master.    But I am sure gm is in good hands.  

Our team definitely is in good hands, nothing to worry, if we lose, we lose, we play for fun and that matters. Sure, I realize we could have a huge advantage by not giving away those tips, but hey, a warned person can take advantage or even be in disadvantage, expecting something and complete opposite is happening.

Don’t worry, we have plenty of other surprises in our pocket. You can also now expect attacks as distraction from a less important place, but that can also be the intention of giving the other team that feeling as a sacrifice. See what I mean? The other team has to think what might be the reason and judge if it’s worth to lose that war or protecting that part of the map. Is your team able to make correct decision? It might be a difficult decision and here will be decided who is a fantastic strategic player or not. But since also soldiers can decide on their own, this needs great teamwork to prevent mistakes of individual players and good communication, before making a move. Alliance chat will be hard to make members do the right move. 

I bet a lot don’t have a clue what they must do. But it’s a game and why not enjoy it by sharing tips. It’s so much more fun by surprising other teams. Yep, the sacrifice strategy can be a dirty one, I know. But that can make it special, this conquest. Eliminating scouts could even be wrong move.

And what’s making it even more interesting, is that every move of any member can decide who wins or loses. Let’s wish everyone a good time by playing conquest. Be wise, since spies can ruin your entire conquest. That’s a tip for next conquests, so watch carefully who is joining your team before conquests.

Je don’t comprendre … Combien de héros dans la carte pour l’équipe?

Everyone in the alliance gets to participate. The alliance splits into little squads and then each squad can scout/attack a fiefdom to gain more conquest trophies for the alliance

Les escouades qui correspondent aux quartiers de la forteresse?!?!

Soit 8 héros?