The new war system

I’m not sure, we just have to wait and see tomorrow

A “supreme victory” kind of sounds like a “mercy rule” in some sports.  If a team is blowing another one out by a large number, the other team technically loses by forfeiture.  The problem is with RR2, there are people from all over the world playing.  Everyone gets on whenever they can, and sometimes it’s not til the scheduled end of a war.  If it ends early and those who are working, say, don’t even get a chance to participate? I hope I’m misunderstanding.  We’ve been in some wars where we leading by a longshot, but the other team barely played- until about 2 hours before the end of the war.  It could’ve been a highly coordinated sniper move, but in any instance, we have to vigilant at all times during the war.


I’d imagine the first season will be a bit messy, and adjustments will be made, hopefully they have the cheating angle under control (their track record in obvious exploits haven’t been great, e.g. alliance strategically dropping to 45 members to prevent COF bonuses, but willing to give the benefit of the doubt for now).

What really matters is the raid mechanism, will we be chasing people to fight, a la alliance war, or will everyone want to fight due to great rewards, a la ninja.

It is funny that they need to double boost the viking t make it useful, not a great sign, and a symptom of trying to make arbitrary boosts for new units to consume alliance gold, the first sets of boosts, war boosts and pro boosts at least added a new dimension to the units, monk/lightning/necro/viking/basilisk boosts just made the units half as good as they should be.


So if I’m to understand correctly, the system is similar to the suggestion that @Maerique, and later myself, suggested awhile back about a more risk-like war system? Where players would have to be assigned to spaces to attack or defend?

You are not misunderstanding. Say for example you face a Dutch team. Attacking them in the middle of the night might be smart. but it also can work against you, they can combine after their work and destroy your buildings with an incredible force. My team has players from all over the world, so this we won’t likely face, although a few players won’t prevent a supreme victory against a large army. 

Having said that, raiding with a large army is very risky, other teams can raid you any time and when it doesn’t become a supreme victory, your team players are stuck in that war. By the time that war is ended, your complete kingdom can be destroyed. 

I bet biggest problem indeed will be time zones of players. When a team can’t anticipate fast enough a supreme victory can be scored, but I bet that’s why flare added a difference in skulls that decreases the longer the war lasts. I bet that difference is huge enough so that a team can’t reach that milestone within a few hours. Say you need 5-10k difference in skulls per remaining hour, then at the start you won’t be able to reach that difference the first couple of hours and assigning a lot of players to one war is very risky, you are vulnerable to raids from others by doing so (players can’t leave that war!) and at the time you won that war, players need to hurry to all other wars (costing valuable energy) in the hope to desperately turn the tide. And when you are behind a lot in skulls a lot, it will be extremely time consuming. 

I sincerely hope one thing, that cool down can’t be skipped with gems and energy also can’t be replenished with gems. Then it’s all about teamwork and strategy. Send in enough players helping in a war. But don’t overdo it. 

Nope, it’s up to individual players and it’s your team that needs to work together as a team. There is no assignment, players move over the map where they want to go, they decide to join wars or even worse, to declare one. 

So it needs a lot of teamwork, preventing members to make terrible mistakes. When for example you are declaring war and expect some players to join that, while in fact they don’t help defending and/or offending, it can lead to very strange outcomes. Also… when a war for example lasts 23 hours and 30 minutes (unless supreme victory) and a player joins a war where his assistance not is required, while it is at another more important place, that could turn into a disaster. 

I bet biggest mistake of teams is to go massively into wars, having not enough members outside wars, to defend against wars declared on them, making them lose a lot of territory. Like I said, now participation will be important, teams should get rid of non participant players as soon as possible, there is no need for players, acting not like team members.

Even we suffer from having plenty of non participants. So when you see some teams with a lot of members, but face not a lot of players, you know what the reason is. Now it becomes smart thinking, during a war, how many and which players you send in, plus how many troops you will give them (sounds to me like some kind of loser bonus and shield). The more troops a player has, the more he can score and the less others can score against him. 

Within a few hours we will see.

As always they implement one of my ideas and I hate how tedious and horrible they’ve made it!

This assignment of troops is a fluster cluck! 

They band me for saying f#ck which is acceptable on any censored system except here. 

So now I’m going with fluster cluck!


So our alliance had its first war declared on us. Our defender was offline. Nine minutes later the war was over. The other team’s player got a Supreme Victory with something like 1976 skulls. (Don’t remember the exact number and the info goes away). Is this really what war is going to be like?

I feel myself like the Pavlovs dogs( google it).

this war is boring, every player doing everything he want, towers, lakes, and etc​:v::v:


Also 3 tiles in 3 hours. I need to use alarm clock to play game?

Probably he had 0 troops enemy had very many troops and it was many players against one. 

Skulls requires for supreme victory depends on this so that you won’t get locked in a fight that will obvious win or lose for a while day if one side has no chance at all 

Of course not! And you so right!! No game should ever have to be played on such a strict timetable! 

When I slept at 1 and logged in at 7:30
The opponent’s attack ended.   It can not be helped

I am playing with PC only but

I give up and go play with my kids. It’s 8 hours. maybe


Just checked up on the map and attacks a bit. I still find it as an intriguing new mode, but as so many have said, it just doesn’t feel like it should be a part of the game. Seems more like a mini-game you can play inside the Throne Room