The Ninja event: change it or remove it!

There are many elements that make the ninja event an disaster:

1 Short of money

The festival and the ninja had happened at the same time before Autumn 2017. They did a good combination because you can earn money whist waiting for the lengedary box fight of Ninja. Now the festival and ninja occurs at separate time. During the Ninja event, most of players are poor! This delays the upgrade a lot.

2 Waste of time

Why do we have to wait minutes or hours between normal fight? Are time something we have for eternity? Hell, no.

There is no reason to spend jewel to skip time cause you have to spend jewel on food either. So it’s a no-no.

3 Legendary box is not truly useful

I recall the legendary box had had almost legendary items bad before Autumn 2017. Now it contains only 1 legendary items and sometimes purple jewels! Really funny. You don’t get much money for selling them though. And if you’re going to forge, they’re money-consuming…

You don’t expect to get 2 legendary items of the same time, but it does open and it’s unfavorable.

4 Clan event

Now this is the worst element that the ninja event has become!

The fortune chamber no longer adds extra coins to the sum. The milestone is also higher. Thus it’s difficult to fulfil the bar. As a result, it disappoints the whole clan instead of courage them to play.

The highest rewarding of the event - the ninja - is a joke, seriously. I don’t think their contribution worth the effort.


So what do I expect?

1 Much more money per round

Don’t make the community poor during the event. We already lose money when someone fights and yet we get little money when we fight.

2 No delay between all rounds

The legendary rounds should cost 50% to 100% total food one can produce (to postpone playing). I think this is a better measure to delay than forcing players to passively wait.

3 Stronger ninja

They should pose a firm threat.

4 Lucky coins

It is the clan war that should not publish lucky skulls on fortune chamber. We need lucky coins of ninja event since we have a very long milestone to reach.


That’s all.

Removing the ninja coins from the COF was the best thing to happen to the ninja event ! The total needed for the reward was adjusted in consequence. We no longer need to use gem to get a perfect ninja run.

Ninja and festival at the same time sucks. It’s time consuming. 

As for the gold, you need to find strategy for yourself. I have zero problem getting gold, ninja event or not.

If the festival was longer it wouldn’t be such a problem


1-short of money - if u have gold gear,or atleast kaiser pal gold is not of a issue…sometimes we may have to search a while for good gold giving players,but thats not a big issue

2-waste of time-not all can do all 30 battles @ once,3 days is the best.this timing system is really good,

3-legendary chest-i dont no about you,in what trophy range ur in, I usually stay in 4k to 4.5k trophy range,and the legendary chests r the best for me,its one of the way i make more gems,from each ninja event i make around 300 to 400gems min.its very useful

4-clan event-it depends on ur alliance players,if its getting tough to get defense ninja,try to step up a bit,try higher tier…+1 high tier might do the job…our alliance is lvl 71-we need 11.5M coins,we made 12.7 million this time.

removing coins from chamber of fortune was the best move.,that helped a lot in saving atleast 200gems per ninja event.

It looks like you are playing in a too low ninja tier. Higher tiers above your “strength level” result in higher gold amounts,
below you get less and less gold.

You should never waste gems for some food, there are way better things to spend them on: e.g. the melting slots :grinning:
If you really need more bread, use vouchers. Although i wouldn’t advise that, they also convert to gems.

Those legendary chests are the best in ninja event, they give you gems :slight_smile:  Btw. selling items for gold is a waste,
melt them to get those very important pearls!

It looks like you play in a too low tier for your offense. If you play higher, they will at some point be useful for your raids.
If you have problems to raise your trophies for higher tiers: improve your defense, that leads to sustainable higher trophies.

No, that reduces the gems from ninja events. Btw. they reduced the alliance goals, making up for less coins from CoF.

Good luck :slight_smile:

For me now the only boring thing of the ninja event are the initial 15-20 levels, they are boring because too easy and you know you have to pass them to get the perfect score at the end.

In this last ninja event i used most of the levels only mortars from beginning because i want to continue the “spawn X mortar” quest.

This just shows how much pointless those levels are. 

Yeah, the real fun starts on island 25 and the “insane range” towers (though not so hard once you figure out how to tackle this map). All maps up to this are “be extra careful not to miss a tower” rather than any type of challenge. I suppose it makes sense in terms of increasing difficulty but it’s boring.

Having to pay 100% food to fight an island would be extremely annoying. I’d be forced to wait regardless, only for a much longer time. 2 minutes is a waste of time (why is this even there?) but food isn’t really better.

paying 220 food for easy ninja levels is a steal. I think food like in dungeons should be calibrate according to the difficulty.

And also overall 220 is a lot. They should decrease it to 200 once for all because the time to get food from farms increases every time you upgrade those farms. You get the best benefits with farms lvl 13 with a refill food time of 2h 30m to arrive at farms lvl 20 with refill food time of 3h 25min…Literally almost 1 more hour to wait. Absolute unacceptable!

That’s why I raid them most times with farm gear, costing just 29 bread. Or at least a few farm perks to reduce food cost somewhat. Still this calibration I would like. 

The farm production review is bulls eye. That’s main reason why most players not even upgrade farms, pay back time of the upgrade is not even worth to upgrade. Missing a farm for a week literally needs close to a year as payback time. 

Who needs 25 extra bread when it only increases farm production by 5 bread per hour? When we literally upgrade 4 farms, we need multiple years to compensate the loss of bread. That’s why we most times do it now, when we don’t have anything to do, just after war season end or when ninja event is played completely. But nowadays we need to upgrade tons of things, so we need bread to fight. That’s why we give upgrading farms lowest priority.

We need faster food production after an upgrade. Take for example war season without food reduction cost. Once you have 3+ wars, you run out of food pretty fast. Even with a few farm perks with skull gear combined, I can do around 10-12 raids and then need to wait for hours till farms refilled. Even when boosting a few farms it takes too much time to reproduce enough food to do other raids. We don’t have all day to play, so we now use vouchers, which are needed for getting other stuff, like a worker or gems. 

Instead of 5 extra bread per hour, they should have given 15-25 more bread production per hour. It should take max 180 minutes to refill a complete empty farm, the free gold shield also lasts for 3 hours, so that should be max waiting time.

So that’s main reason why I am not even close to having the farms maxed. And that’s why most players wait for an event that reduces the upgrade time. 

Unfortunately I expect that those events are belonging to history, since the introduction of subscriptions. 

I think y’all are missing something… The farms don’t steadily get worse, they don’t get much better, but they do help. Yes, it takes longer to fill up to max, but you’re not waiting a longer time to get the same amount of food. Since farms fill up over night it is convenient to to have as much storage as possible. 

Quantum, you forget to hold reckon with the upgrade time. During that period of time your farms don’t produce any bread at all. oPelle did mention level 13 for a reason. From 12-> 13 20 extra bread production per hour. For level 13-> 20 it’s just 5 more bread per hour. 

To upgrade a single farm from 13-> 20 you lose bread production for 42 days per farm. And that per farm. now, 25% of your food production is gone while upgrading a farm. How many raids you do during 42 days? Say you do 12 raids per day average to make it simple. For 42*12*0.25 raids you need to compensate the food. That’s for 126 raids! Or better said, for 504 raids when you upgrade all farms. 

And the loss of that food you need to compensate during war seasons by vouchers or something else, you need to do your raids. We don’t have all day. It now depends on your farm gear how long it takes to compensate the bread loss for those 504 raids. I can tell you it’s taking you a long time, in fact longer than we probably still will play.

Nowadays we do those upgrades when we don’t need  bread from all farms, like during recess or just after ninja event. Since we don’t need the farm, it doesn’t hurt us, but still break even point is far away.

Main problem is that the farm doesn’t produce bread during upgrades, so it’s unusable. All other upgrades don’t make a building unusable (except taverns), a tower in upgrade still acts like a normal tower and is still usable. Taverns and farms should also produce gold and bread while in upgrade. Or… increase the amount of food/gold per hour generated a lot more to make it worth to upgrade. By giving 20 extra bread or even 25 extra bread it is indeed worth it, since break even point is within a few months.

@Dena4 What I do is upgrade one or two at a time and boost the rest in war. It’s annoying that it only lasts 4 hours but it works. I was talking about after the upgrade, mostly as a response to opelle

I know but boosting doesn’t change a thing. A farm upgrading you can’t boost and that should be left out consideration. So also there the breakeven point won’t be reached fast.

You build only 2 farms at a time and boost the ones that aren’t being upgraded

I once started upgrading my four farms at once. I was going on a camping trip anyway so I didn’t loose bread. Also, I could easily run on only three farms. I don’t really remember when was the last time that I ran out of food. But still, they cost too much and I don’t really need them to be upgraded more than what I have right now.

I have farm gear, need just 29 bread if I want during non war season, so I only need extra bread during war season. Still I use luck gear, just to save time and to get more items.

I almost never boost a farm, I still remember the times that Windows users didn’t have videos. So for me it’s wasting a worker.

Next event however will be clever to upgrade one (I only have one worker free on Thursday) now. 

I Always Upgrade one Farm after the other. Never Had any Problems with Lack of bread. Also, you can watch Videos to get additional bread …

Back to topic: i absolutely disagree with all points in the First Post. I Like the Event as it is.

Money is not a big issue? Really?

These days, I have to search at least 10 opponents to find somebody whose treasure is above 100k. Thus I’ve lost average 20k per fight, 10%! I fight 10 fights in a row since I collect full food without fighting. Then after sleep, I saw 3 guys had taken 900k away from me. At this rate, I don’t know how I earn enough to upgrade without festival.

I once forged all weaponery for jewels. Ever since I recognized the ninja event actually took money off me if I kept forging everything, I only forge purple items and above, sell the low tiers.

Ninja event is not the only event that make the community poor, the clan war is too.

I have to repeat myself, since I notice someone misread my post. Only the legendary raids requires 50-100% bread of production! Not all the raids. It’s normal because right now you have to wait 1 hour to 6 hours, then the same period your food should refill fully. The obstacle of this idea should be technical coding I think.

By the way, how to fight in higher tier of ninja? I just click the event icon then join the raid.

The tier depends on your amount of trophies.

You go up one tier for every 500 trophies. Aka, if you’re in the 2500-3000 one, you’ll have to get 3000+ trophies when the ninja event starts. After that you can drop them until the next event.

I too don’t like the matchmaker. Instead I go to the alliance of whoever the matchmaker shows and look in the range about 500 trophies above me. Usually I can get a decent amount per fight but it definitely is tedious and the battles are quite difficult occasionally