The ninjas story

OK, I know with all the bugs and crashes this hasn’t been brought up. We see a video of a bunch of ninjas jumping out of a portal to attack the king. Don’t know what happened there but king apparently won. Then a portal in the middle of the kingdom by the way takes you to a far away land where apparently you some how find a ship. Then you sail between them attacking islands to the leaders ship. I do know what happened form there because I couldn’t attack it.But I think it was not revealed who there leader is or why he wanted to attack us. We also don’t know why some of his ninjas defects to our side(up to 5).

Their leader, who has no name besides “The Villain” wanted ton conquer all kingdoms. Therefore he created a portal in each kingdom, to send his army invading them.

Once the Villain had been defeated, the Ninjas decide to follow the most powerful kings. (which explains the difference in amount of Ninjas you can use, related to your rank)

I get that, but what happened when the ninjas 1st entered my kingdom? There is no story there ,did I lose a lot of troops? It was only 5 ninjas too, who invades a kingdom with only 5 ninjas? 

“The Villain” also need to read the art of war. Why attack all kingdoms at the same time? Who names their kid the Villain. I read in a post and   I agree the Villain needs a new name and a reason he want to attack us. Maybe he’s a crazy uncle or something like that. 

If I remember correctly you arrive at a Island the 1st attack. Then some how you end up with a ship. Where did this ship come from? Was it stole form the Villain?

I think the event could have been better if we had more of a story to go alone with the event. Even if it a video before/ after a few battles. 


There is no concrete story behind this, though the community came up with some nice ones.

I don’t know if there are any plans in the future to improve this story…

I kind of hope so, A story will keep it fun. Attacking the same ships/islands after a few months is going to get boring. A good story and a few changes will keep it fun.



how about to add this villain as a boss on the last ship to be more interesting, cuz now the event is like raidin some player base. The common trash is way too much and can’t really feel that ur raidin something extraordinary.

are there any plans to improve your servers…or your devs performances