The number format is broken with Android 10


I installed version 10 of Android today and the number format is changed in the game. Typically, I no longer have any space to separate the thousands (locale fr-FR). I’m sure it was ok with Android 8.

I tried to reinstall the game but still the same problem.

Have other Android 10 users detected a problem?

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What do you mean the number format? The font?

I took 3 screenshots, but this is the same for trophies, resources, … All with a number.

So for example, instead of have 4608339 displayed, I should have 4 608 339.


I’ve notice in the past, that some people also have decimals, in the perk values, like a green CD at 25000,3 and I don’t have it. I am not sure if this is related to IOS/Android, or the device, because I can’t find it in settings.

I do agree it’s easier, at least for “millions” to have a separator or distance… but at the end of the day, it’s a small thing.

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this is so true and i also miss those komma values. it is harder to find out about how stuff works if we have to work with rounded values. especially on lower levels when item values are low.


I have passed this on to the team.


Which devices was this seen on, and is it still the case?

Yes it still the case on Google Pixel 1 with Android 10 and French language (this is probably the most important information for this issue).

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It’s not the case with ipad 6gen and iphone X. But then again, I am not sure if this is a setting in game or device, which enables this feature.

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