The Odyssey, not enough time left to do an adventure?!

Dear FG,

So this happened to me recently.

Because of a very busy week in my personal life, I hadn’t had time to do the odyssey yet. So when I logged in to check the timer of last week’s odyssey, I saw I only had 1hr 50 minutes left to do the complete odyssey! Ofcourse I wouldn’t want to miss out on a week and because I knew I could make that, I worked my ass off to still do the complete odyssey in time.

When completing 4 out of the 5 adventures, and ready to start the final adventure with still 43 minutes on the clock, I couldn’t believe my eyes when OR wouldn’t let me start the final one. Because “there wouldn’t be enough time left” (see picture). 

First off, there’s  plenty  of time left. Seriously, 43 minutes to do 1 adventure. Even if you’d take the full 3.35 minutes of each of the 5 islands, you’d be done in 20 minutes. There’s even plenty of room for error and retries. 

Also, if for some reason I would be stuck at an island and cut it close to the deadline, I could choose to use some invo’s to get it done. I my case I completed 4 adventures in just over 1 hr, so obviously 43 minutes to do one, would have been a piece of cake. 

Last off, I don’t even see the point in not letting one start an adventure? Even if one runs out of time, why can’t that happen during an adventure? 

Then also, the timer greatly mislead me. Because the truth is the timer ends sooner as you’re unable to start a new adventure way before the timer ends. If you’re unable to start a new adventure with 43 minutes left (at least in my case, but what would be the actual limit, 1 hr?), then just reduce the timer as we see it with that amount of unusable time.

So now I missed out on the last permanent bonus, which would have gotten the bonus of +0,5% ?

I consider this a bug. And I hope it is.

Like to see that changed! @CaptainMorgan

You are not alone in this buddy,

I too faced this issue long time ago when I was newbie to the game.

I also missed one odyssey event but I don’t why they didn’t fixed it though

@Madlen Hi, and welcome ?

Should I address to you for this matter?

I’d really like an official answer to my post!

It’s probably a time zone issue, whereby the time shown wasn’t accurate in the first place

Yes, I’m pretty sure the limit is 1 hr. That happened to me a couple of times as well.

It’s pretty silly that this hasn’t been changed yet.