The official Royal Revolt 2 Rate my base lucky winners!



Mid-level player here so tips and suggestions are very welcome.

At the mid levels roughly 15-2500 you really need to start leveling sword rain and using that to take out a lot of ranged troops and pyromancers/morats become a pretty strong offensive force! Give those a try and see how it works for ya! Good lukc

Please, rate my base = Marcio Cruel

Please rate my base. Name is 7uckySky. Thanks

Hey there,


I don’t think I qualify as a great strategist, but I would love to have my base rated!


King’s Name:   Breath of Trogdor

Level:  73


Thank you very much,

~ Trogdor

Please rate my base. My game handler name is skwei. Thank you!

My king name is rompeanos 

Emperor_Zéro (pls luck be on my side thus time)

heck with it


ign: Atlas1000

Ign: jayfire1707


IGN- Vishal Sharma

ign: QuickNic



UniversalSpice5 :wink: ** **

King Tuan.Tt … late even better than never :slight_smile:

robbo.fastidio available for rating! Thanks!

my king name is HsMk007…plz rate my base…i need the gems

Hsmk007 is my ign…plz rate my base

I’m a pro rookie and I was wondering if u could stop by my base, my king name is denny814.