The only way to balance Firebolt Tower is to increase Firestorm range

After the recent buff of Bladestorm, Bladestorm now does almost everything better than Firestorm. For example, Bladestorm does more damage to tempest and barricades compared to Firestorm. It cuts Blockades and Heal Towers too like butter, unlike Firestorm. What’s more, Bladestorm has faster cool down and lasts longer.


The only reason for someone to use Firestorm now over Bladestorm, is the recent Firebolt Pro Boost. However, it would be pointless if Firebolt can still out range Firestorm. Hence, the only way to balance it out is to increase Firestorm’s range to match Firebolt Tower’s range.


This way, a player is now forced to choose between Bladestorm which is better in almost every aspect except against Firebolt, or Firestorm which can destroy Firebolt.


When even players like Cromka says it is too tough, one can only imagine. Please do seriously consider this suggestion, Flare. @FTB

Firestorm has a problem: from level 11 to level 15, its cooldown increases. There are spells, in high levels, in which their cooldowns decrease or remain constant.

Instead of buffing firestorm, why not nerf bladestorm a bit? Make it weaker against walls and LT, as it should be. There’s no specified strength against them so I don’t see why it does so much damage. 


Because there will be a flood of complaints again, to nerf something after they buff it, especially right after the recent Offense Event and Blacksmith Event. Many players will then accuse Flare of baiting players to spend on Bladestorm by buffing it then nerfing it immediately after.


Plus, nerfing bladestorm is not going to solve the problem of firebolt being too overpowered.


The worst solution would be to nerf bladestorm AND firebolt after players have spent so much on them based on the recent buff and updates. Hence, the only solution that will not cause an uproar would be to buff Firestorm. Buffing Firestorm, as explained, would also add dynamic to the game, as players will have to choose wisely between bladestorm or firestorm (or use both bladestorm and firestorm  and risk other aspects of your raid strategy).

Just reduce the chances for a firebolt pro to convert a unit

Among pro boosts, it’s also the most difficult to deal with.

This boost just made me to uninstall the game. They broke the balance of the game. Even the war is can’t win to anyone that has firebolts forged on range.Congrats flaregsmes and bye bye


Many players seem to agree that it’s now overpowered anyway. 

Buff firestorm and you’ll have people complaining that it’s too strong and that everything else should be buffed and so on. 

Not to mention the changes I suggested should be made regardless, unless they say in the game that walls and LTs have a weakness to bladestorm specifically and not other sources of normal typed damage. Otherwise, I consider it a bug that should be fixed. 

A thing to note is that on the contrary on other effects which can be nullified such as slowdown with hero scream, DoT effects of snake tower with healing effect, etc

there is no current anti-confusion but it’s only based purely on waiting and sitting that the effect finishes which makes everything more difficult during raid considering the fact you have no weapons that allow to counterattack it.

I agree they over buffed Badestorm time to back down and nerf it.  Clash Royale does that all the time and it’s the most successful mobile phone game ever.  Clearly the players will get over it if they do it right.

So Flare comes in and say “hey guys, bladestorm is going to be awesome with some new buff. Here, let me throw you a Blacksmith Event and Offense Event to help you speed things up in case you are not a bladestorm user. Oh by the way, check out the new pro boost for firebolt, be sure to upgrade and forge your firebolt because the new boost is going to make it powerful.”


Then, the solution to this is “Hey guys, sorry, we know many players here spent a lot on Bladestorm and Firebolt but because of the recent buff that makes them powerful, we are now reverting them back to it’s original stats. Thanks for spending money on them. We hope you enjoyed them while they lasted.”


Obviously, nerfing them back immediately after buffing them is a horrible idea.


However, if only firebolt is nerfed, then bladestorm will still be so powerful it makes firestorm absolutely redundant. Hence, the only logical solution here is to buff firestorm. I am speaking as a player who have both bladestorm and firestorm max.


Look at it from this perspective, if they buff firestorm’s range, I will still be in dilemma whether to use bladestorm or firestorm in my raid as the buff will balance things out by giving them each their own advantages. A dilemma as to which spell to choose from is a good sign that balance has been achieved. Likewise, it’s a bad sign that the status quo is absolutely lopsided when one picks bladestorm over firestorm all the time.


Besides, firebolt boost aside, most pro boosts are defensive boosts. The way to move forward is to buff offense not nerf them.

The only way to win war with war boosts+pro-boosts activated is DEEP POCKET. No spells nor troops could help our raids, but scrolls do. More and more scrolls needed now, ridiculous game FFG!

What exactly is there to spend? Most people that like it used it before when the range was still 4.x, had it maxed, and will keep using after the (much needed) nerf. I doubt the buff alone convinced many players to blitz spend on bladestorm and even if they did, whatever, its still a useful spell. Your argument assumes that, A), players didn’t have it maxed before, B), they decided to max it specifically because of the buff, C), they won’t use it after the buff, and D) they are whiners that complain about a necessary change just because it affects them negatively. Sometimes you have to give a little for the good of the game. 

Also, I said literally nothing about firestorm or reverting bladestorm back to the stats it originally had before both nerfs. Firestorm doesn’t need to be touched, bladestorm needs a nerf but not to the 2.5 range it had before. 4.5 range is fair, with a fix to the damage to walls and LT. 

Um, there was nothing uniquely Bladestorm about those events, I melted my excess gear and pearl upgraded my Jester Boxes like crazy.   I also finished researching the Viking and Leveled up my Toxic Cloud cause I never did that before.


Okay, so you’re bitter!  I was born there!   Get used to it!




Your logic is odd, that someone should get used to bitterness because you were bitter too?


More importantly, this is a suggestion to resolve something else, but it looks like many here are missing the point. It’s Firebolt.


Those who were on point for the discussion correctly pointed out that we can just nerf firebolt instead, hence, there are only 2 scenarios:-


  1. Nerf Firebolt to the point where there is no need to buff Firestorm


  1. Buff Firestorm to counter Firebolt. Bladestorm was only used as a reference point to show how buffing FIrestorm will not make it overpowered as it still loses out on many aspects compared to Bladestorm.


BUT, take note, nerfing bladestorm itself won’t solve the firebolt problem.


Sure, one can nerf firebolt AND bladestorm, but that would just render the game back to how it was months ago where majority will use firestorm again instead of bladestorm. It doesn’t matter if Bladestorm is nerfed to 4.5 only instead of the original 2.5, since it still cannot reach the opposite path. Firestorm will once again then be the obvious choice to deal with Tempest.


However, as explained, scenario (2) will be the better solution as it keeps the game more balanced. If there is no obvious choice of spell, and one has to decide between having Bladestorm which is better against tempest, barricades, heal towers, blockades etc etc or Firestorm which is way better at destroying those powerful firebolts, then I would say that the strength between these two spells are more balanced.


p.s. of course, this is just based on my on experience, but I truly believe many will abandon bladestorm and swap back to Firestorm if Bladestorm is nerfed to 4.5 range.



I can’t agree with this logic. It implies that the dumbest and most broken addition must stay in the game unchanged until the end of time because somebody spent money on it. If it’s broken then you fix it, not leave it broken because somebody’s gonna boo-hoo about there being changes to something they paid for.

I’m not missing the point. 

I’m disagreeing with you.

I don’t like what they did to Bladestorm!

They keep making everything the same!  Blade storm was unique cause it was the longest lasting short range spell! 

They had to buff it, but now it’s just a Firestorm of Normal damage.

They should have taken it’s unique property and made it more you unique!  A longer lasting spell with higher normal damage!  Maybe slightly increased range, but don’t make it a second Firestorm!


It’s ironic how you said you’re not missing the point, after I explicitly said the main point was about firebolt, yet, you didn’t mention anything about it. (Plus, it’s in the title)


Secondly, it’s because bladestorm is very similar to firestorm now, just better in almost every aspect, Flare can either nerf bladestorm or buff firestorm. If they do that, bladestorm is no longer like Firestorm. Firestorm will then be the spell with the longest range in the entire game. The reason I suggest this is to make it as a counter for firebolt.


And I repeat, sure, nerfing both bladestorm AND firebolt IS a possible solution, just one where, in my opinion, isn’t desirable as it will just reset the game back to where it was few months ago prior to the buff on bladestorm and pro boost firebolt, instead of moving forward. (Once again, note that I’ve already mentioned that it is of little significance whether bladestorm is nerfed back to the original range of just 2.5 or it is nerfed to 4.5 because what matters is whether it  can reach the opposite path or not). This is, once again I repeat, suggested on account of most pro boosts being defensive, hence, moving forward means buffing offense, not nerfing any of them.

The problem is your point isn’t my point. 

You want to fix things so Firestorm can co-exist with the new Bladestorm.

I don’t want the new Bladestorm.

Both are valid opinions, but they are never going to play well together.


So you acknowledged that my intention was so that Firestorm can co-exist with the new Bladestorm by having them have their own advantages.


What I don’t get is, what’s your reason for not wanting the new Bladestorm? Are you a Bladestorm user and you actually think the old one is better? If you’re not a Bladestorm user then why bother? It doesn’t affect your gameplay if you are a Firestorm user.