The Order of Light needs YOU!

Hello all!


The Order of Light is currently recruiting! We are looking for any members who can be polite, respectful and can have fun! It doesn’t matter how strong you are or how good you are at the game; we will try our utmost best to help you become stronger and better! Not only that, but we offer our very own forums,, where members can relax, chat, share strategies and post guides for other members to use and improve from! 



Why you should join:

  • We are a fast growing alliance, going from rank 5000+ to under 2000 in just six days
  • We offer our very own forums for use by all users 
  • We offer a truly democratic approach to leadership roles in the alliance 
  • We offer a friendly, loyal and helpful alliance
  • We will help you improve and become stronger, we don’t expect you to be level 50+ right from the start
  • We play cooperatively as well as competitively, working_ _together to find greatness!
  • We have a three year history with the alliance, spread across multiple games! (see below for more information) 



A little bit about us:


The Order of Light is a group of people or “alliance” that play games together. The alliance itself  aims to bring a strong sense of community and belonging to games, allowing it’s members to progress in the game and have some fun with friends while doing so. Although the alliance is not primarily focused on competitive play, it still actively participates in competing with other alliances, aiming for the top spot. 


The Order of Light was founded in 2013 in an IOS game called “Kingdoms of Zenia”. During this time the alliance grew, eventually hosting competitions to reward it’s members with in-game items and units. The alliance has then moved onto Royal Revolt 2, where it now continues to grow and expand, holding it’s spot as one of the top 2500 alliances in the world.