The Order of Pro Ticket Usage

I buy 5 pro ticket package with 2800 gems. I use it 1 on last pro league, after that I got 1 free ticket from pro chest so I have 5 pro ticket with 4 donatable tickets. After I use a ticket for current pro league, I noticed I have 4 tickets with 3 donatable tickets.

Is there any order of using pro ticket now? Like first in first out? If yes, then when I buy another pro ticket package now, am I be able to use that free ticket first before the last package that I buy?

How about monthly free pro ticket? Any order usage too?

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Hi RoyaleDing2,

The order is always free tickets, then paid tickets.

We have looked at your case, checked the code and tested it and could not recreate the issue. :slightly_frowning_face:

Dunno if this is matter: in my case the free ticket come from pro chest not from monthly free ticket. I’ll check it on the next pro league as now I have 4 pro tickets with 3 donatable tickets and provide a screenshot here or video (private) if the actual situation doesn’t like what it should do. Thanks for the response. ?

Welcome. I will move this to the bug section now. We can leave the thread open and you can add on later on there :slight_smile:

The only tickets that are donatable are the tickets, that are bought with gems.


I knew that. I only add the detail of my case. What I mean about the order of usage that you said always free ticket then paid ticket. Did you check it with monthly free ticket or with free ticket that come from pro chest because mine was from pro chest not from monthly free ticket. Or is it same between from pro chest and monthly?

Update: It seems it fine this time. The ticket works like what you said, Madlen. Now I have 3 tickets with 3 donatable tickets after participating in current pro league. Am I dreaming on the last pro league? eii… no way. lol.

Please keep this topic open in case I found another unusual situation I’ll update it (of course I hope that unusual situation will never happen). Thank you.


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Hi RoyaleDing2,

Thanks for the information. And yes, please tell us as soon as you find something unsual again :grinning:

However for your information, we did check it with a monthly free ticket and with free tickets from pro chests :grinning: