"The Orphans" - Recruiting

Hi all guys,

The Orphans is a “new” clan that has a core of players of the disbanded Illuminati5;

we are running fast and we have currently many boosts active (Blazing Knights, Archers, the first Tower, Barricades) to reach again a great position.


The founder is prince2cool and the general is caterinosmp


As many things are given, there are also a few requirements to join, here are the main:

-50k+ daily donation (Everybody has to donate daily)

-1700+ trophies

-3x attacks in each battle (either offensive or defensive) and 1800+ skulls

-install free chatt app LINE


Thank you for your time,

IGN: _OverLord_

Thanks for the post. We’re actively seeking more orphans.

We’re happy to give anyone a new home if you’re drama free, active, donate daily, and don’t rage if we lose a war or two.

We’re just a group of people looking to have fun while keeping a competitive edge.

Thank you all for your interest, we look forward to seeing everyone in the RR2 community.



Overlord since you guy make new alliance why don’t you join us IGN: fire1964 leader of Rising Warriors I have add you friend list we can talk more about deal

what we offer

  • Active/ friendly and very active in war

  • 24/7 knight boost and more…

  • got a lot of loyal player with high donate

Come give us a try if you don’t like you can leave anytime thank hope see you soon

Unfortunately at this time we have no desire to leave our Clan. We took our previous Clan of almost 30 members to join illuminati5. If you’d like to merge we have enough money for golf donations to open up slots.

Please find me ingame or on LINE app to chat. Caterinosmp is my username

I not asking you guy to leave I know you scared of making a bad choice again.

What we want from team up are

Use your name but our rule(one of my trust member be leader there) plus I will be there to help out in donate until our ally lvl 30

What we offer

I will sent high lvl donate there to help out in donate

Reason I want this cause to find good player to train them then let them join our main when they ready

But befor all this I want you to sent someone to our ally just to check out first if you don’t like no problem I got notting to lost anyway

Let me know thank you

Hmm check out the thread entitled “large faction of different ranks for efficiency & power”, we may be all able to help each other in a much grander style

Azrealnezharoth I love your idea however at the moment is something my Clan isn’t interested in.

For all of those who are interested in a merger here are our terms.

  1. You come to us.

  2. We run all boosts on a vote system

  3. You’re new members must donate daily

  4. Members must attack 3x per battle 1800 skulls ±

  5. Do not expect to be a general day1

  6. All members are required to us LINE app

If anyone is still interested in joining or a merger feel free to find me in game. We have a wonderful group of guys who play hard and contribute daily. We expect the same from everyone.


We’re still looking for active members. Any interest feel free to find me in game

We are still looking for active members 2000+ trophies 1800 skulls per battle. We currently have a 10 day boost on doom door, airblasters and surprise mummy.

We can take on as members as needed

Hello again!

We are still looking for active players!


The requirements are the following

  • 2000+ Trophies

  • King level 60+

  • 1800+ skulls/war

  • DAILY donation 75k+


We are currently boosting blazing knights and archers 24/7 and we have mummy, arblasters and doom door boosted and we are 1st in this war season atm.


If you are interested in joining post a reply here with your IGN or send a friend request in game to:


Prince2cool - Leader

Caterinosmp - General

_OverLord_ - General


We can take on as member as needed

Hey all time for a little update…

The Orphans is currently and actively seeking a few new solid members to add to our roster. We’ve won all of our wars to date.

As a clan we are always looking to grow but only with the right members. Obviously like every clan we have minimum requirements to join. But with that being said we’re looking for motivated people who want to win, have a good time, and make friends.

Our requirements:

Lvl 60+

75k daily donations this is a must

2400+ trophies

2000+ skulls per battle/war if allowed

LINE app for group chat

We run 24/7 5/5 knights, 3/3 archers, mummy, airblasters and doom gate… We recently opened ranged bomb towers so we’re currently running it for the next week.

Please find me in game if you have any questions moving forward. I look forwarding to hearing from you all.


We’re still looking to fill 3 slots… We’d be willing to take on a small but active clan of 10 members or less. Please find me in game or message me here

With the new war starting in just a few hours I’m looking to fill some slots with players between 2600-3500. Donations at this point are not a concern. However if you do take a slot you’re expected to put up 2000+ skulls per war.

We run 24/7

Boosted archers, knights, and barricades. However, wars bring more boosts.

I’ll looking forward to a full roster in hopefully the next few hours thanks.

Ooh if you’re leaving a clan after a war has stated and your locked out don’t bother.

Here we go again after a loss in a war after endless wins we doing ourselves short of members. We are currently 15/24 members. Still running the same 24/7 boosts and looking pretty solid in this current war.

At this time we’d consider taking on a smaller clan, individual serious players or groupings of player.

Come check us out. We’re a great group of players looking to be competitive.

We are currently full at the moment. However we are running 24/7 knights, archers, cannons. On war days we boost Frost traps and barricades.

We’re currently interested in expanding 5 more slots. If you believe you carry exceptional value and could be a solid asset to our clan we’d love to have you.

Please send me a private message in game or here in the forums.



The Orphans