the OS in social

I am still new to RR2, and Flaregames, but I have been a gamer for a very long time.

My longest most involved gaming experience comes from the BLIZZARD corporation, I bought my first computer just so I could play Warcraft II

offline in my kitchen. Playing World of Warcraft launched me into the online MMO world of gaming, and I do sort of miss the social interaction of Trade Chat in WoW.

Now yes allowing players to socialize does come with the inherent problems associated with ‘trolling’ and it does open a world of other headaches for Flaregames;

however think of the social aspect, seeing players you know online, some from Canada where I live, others from Germany (where you work) Currently the game has 

Alliance chat, and you can message players (but…) those message fields are extremely small, I find with the friends I talk to, it takes 3 sometimes 4 RR2 messages

just to say what you want to say. Flaregames IMO as a suggestion, needs to tweak its social media applications.


Also on the subject of OS being for social and operating system; Flaregames seriously needs to rethink it’s current platform system of game play.

You have RR2 accessed through Facebook, you have RR2 accessed via the Microsoft Store; and you have RR2 accessed via Android phones,

and yet not all RR2 players are created equal. As a RR2 player, I actually want to give Flaregames money, (real world money)

yes you heard me, I want to pay to play a game that is FREE, so I can access the features of the PRO Subscription players.

So I can have several more slots other than my A B C & D, I want the Vanity application to make my King look however I want,

but because I am a PC RR2 gamer, I am a second class citizen. OS Flaregames,  OS make social possible, OS makes all gaming platforms equal.

Like the Musketeers saying goes “All For One and One For All!” not “only for some and not for all.”

King Sinister Eggplant


We’ve been complaining about in game communication for years. Hoping with the conquests, which require much better communication than normal wars, we’ll get better messaging soon-ish