The overpowered pro firebolt towers

I presume these are fully tested and balanced, but they didn’t seem to be from the dungeon battles.  Having a high perked one with lots of range near the tent (but out of hero range) would effectively stop the hero from getting any reinforcements from the tent as they will all kill each other.

Hoping Flare haven’t F’d this one up :slight_smile:

that gem dungeon and the 2nd item dungeon was tough,bcz of this pro firebolt towers…

I agree with this as well, that particular tower so far from the tent for the Hero to do anything but wrecks havoc at the beginning was a nightmare… 

The Dungeon Battles did seem very one sided and really tough - the FB Boost did seem a bit OP for me…


Use mummies. No scroll to beat this level

I agree, Pro Firebolt Tower as it is now is the best pro boost you can get among those 5 pro boosts. A mass hysteria placed far away enough that none of your spells and your troops can reach it will be a big trouble, if you have to place 2-3 of them using this logic, you’ll have a big problem passing the base. Plus if all the firebolt tower is healed by 1 or 2 unreachable heal towers is like immortal? 

Now in the dungeons there are different factors such as various types of pro/elite/war boosts, longer path, more towers/obstacles which change drastically the way we play compared to our daily routine bases. To see at 100% effectively if these mass hysteria can be a real problem we have to wait to get them.

Personally 50% i’m sure they will be.

That is why i started topic ‘we need a new button’

a menu in which we can choose if we want spent gems or not, eventually how much?

Don’t drop to Warriornator2 style replies, you really think I need to be told to use mummies!? :slight_smile: The problem becomes if using mummies is the only option.

??? i want some hard boosts, cuz its clear- easy to beat eveeyone

this pro FB seems hard, but dnt seems unbeatable 

I used WOK in every new dungeon. The only one I really found hard was the gem one. I use 3 or 4 scrolls in it and made it barely on the 1st try.

Same here

wok forever

I’m curious to see this fb towers. I think it will be the best trap tower

Can you also share which Spells you use in dungeons?

With that combo I used Blizzard, Shield and fire. 

And what pal ? Tammy ?

Yes its right. Now im agree. Even now this FB are good, but with pro it would be hell)

Time to build a spell oriented King. I heard blizz and sonic can now reach insane amout of damage. Plus the heal / bomb kick ring and Kaiser, can we survive?

Blizz and sonic is nothing against FB for example) lets c, i like to see game is progressing 

Not exactly, a blizzard slows the firing rate of the FB significantly & a perked sonic can bring a FB down.

I doubt it will slow the hysteria boost? Will it?

Haven’t seen it in action yet, but no spell can bring a trap FB down…