The overpowered pro firebolt towers

FB towers can reach 8.50 range, or even more, when perked. No spell can reach them at this far.

May be, for me FB are hard if i use sonic. Corners are problem, espessially 

No worries, knowing flare there will be soon a ring with piercing reflect aura, making those towers obsolete :grinning:

No worries. Luckily Flare has implemented the incredible Armageddon scroll, helping us take down these atrocities with ease. The range of 10.00 easily dwarfs the mass hysteria’s pesky range of 8.50. Only for a small cost of 20 gems per attack!

Wasn’t it you who said a few weeks ago that defenses were currently too hard? Either you’ve been drinking or I’ve been drinking…


After you’ve fully maxed and perked the towers of course.

Lets skip this personal attack, no pointbto do it.

Yes defences was hard. 

second is defences are changing everytime. Seems flare is trying to find optimal balance. Thats why one day they hard and next day they are easy.


i think this ProFB will be hell. But it will be way to beat them.



Wasn’t meant as a personal attack. Perhaps an example of humor not translating.

I agree with you , one day everything easy, other day everything are hell, i feel like i play a game thats in the beta test period and will be about to released some weeks later. Its not cool

Agree, we found it too!

another side is-  i dnt like when i have 1 minute left on Nathan base.

but there are bases which are VERY hard for me, even in easy period

Yes I feel that way too, I just chalked it up to (maybe) just luck that I can raid top bases but other bases seems harder, some days easy and the next it feels like I am bad raider to begin with… Didnt realise everyone was feeling the same way…


I like Kaiser, Aska and Tammy.

Think you can both drink, maybe the only that will be funny in future in rr2?

Yes it was him…dont take his comment seriously, Cromka is a parody! Even in this thread alone he has contradict himself a few times lol

Classic Fii??? 

I guess it wasn’t play tested… :slight_smile:

There are now two structures I absolutely hate: ProFB and Basilisk. Haven’t decided which I hate more yet.

Why? In ur level its hard too( i think you are in middle?)

I gonna make my base 100% Basilisk, just for you !

Well the ones I ran into proved rather efficient in making a mess of my army (especially if they had a Bucky Beast shielding them every dang second making them immortal, basically). As if them troops getting shot to death and running mindlessly due to fire wasn’t enough.

And basilisks have a narrow vulnerability period so they’re annoying.

Gotta practice some more I guess.

I appreciate it, man. :wub: