The Peasants Are Revolting! (Royal Revolt 2-ing)

the DOOM GATE Boost is awesome!

seeing bombs, poison flames and what not reigning DOOM down on the head of an invading King/Queen makes each attack so worth while.

and during Ninja Apocalypse events, as you pass markers in the attack I notice seagulls which fly away, signifying to a player their progress in the attack.

what RR2 needs is to get medieval on these NPC’s. As you pass a seagull, a player and their units should get to kill them, hearing a death rattle squawk  

is music to my ears. AND during an attack on another players castle; seeing panicking peasants run out of towers which collapse, or from behind barricades and blockades

would be AWESOME! Especially at the Castle Gate. As soon as an invading King/Queen reaches the courtyard in front of the Castle Gates, citizens of that Castle should

start to FLEE in Terror; and as they flee they should catch on fire, or squeal and do a  Dramatic Death Roll.


there would be no points for killing these civilians, no trophies, no medals no XP or gold, just good old fashion gratuitous cartoon violence.


Sinister Eggplant.jpg

Wow, hehehe, that kinda would be funny. Weird and freakin dark, but funny.