The price of forging now is duplicated

After the end of the last event i see that forging items cost so much pearls. I would like to know why. More specifically all players would like to know why. Something happened after the latest event? Why don’t you fix this problem? Are you kidding us again?  

Because now they guarantee a 2nd successful forge if you failed the 1st one.

It’s unfair. Why should i forge my item for the 4th time spending 100 pearls?  It’s ridicolous. It was better before. These continual changes on Blacksmith are falling down the game.

When have you ever seen fg being fair hmm?? It’s always their way or no way.

But believe me, as a player that already forged +16 gears, and spent tons of pearls, this new system is actually helping you newer players a lot. It seems expensive but with the old system you could failed 8+ times in a row…that is way more expensive.

Yeah but in this way Flare want players spend more gems. Because pearls i find in CoF or pearls i earn by melting gears are not enough to forge at this high price now. 

I prefer this system honestly although now the cooldown is wayyy too long (1 week for most things) but at least you have the certainty to not fail on the second forge.

Maybe the only thing i’d suggest is to put max 4days of cooldown, 1 week is too much, means you can do only +4 forge in 1 month for 1 troop or spell, not so good.

Ok if Flare adopted this new system why not increase pearls in CoF? It would be more useful for everyone use the Blacksmith if we find a good number of pearls in chests. It’s not a good system if i often find just one pearl in chests. 

At least now there’s a chance to improve for example boots from 2 stars to uber unit with this guarantee. Before you could spent 10 000 perls without guarantees. And believe or not you would spent them all.


The system is far far better now, and benefits everyone in the long run, even if it looks a bit worse immediately (they need to fix it so that the second spin is all green), credit to flare here for listening and fixing the issue in a better way than I thought they would.

I was going to complain too, but I didn’t know that second chance was a granted forge, it’s ok then  :slight_smile:

I really like the forge system right now and I think cooldown should stay as it is. At least waiting 7 days I could manage to save up pearls for upgrade, while 4 days ( as oPelle suggestion) could be better for rich players and would make a big gap between players. 

Then there is a bug, because we see players still reporting that second forge is failing even with 100% succes after a failure. At the moment I am not even trying to upgrade spells and troops, because the costs are high and I don’t want to risk failures due to bugs.

Aether said 100% on items after a failure. Do we need to take that literally, that it only is valid for items or is it also valid for towers, spells and troops?

I rather upgrade an item paying 300 pearls x2 and wait a week of cooldown than spending almost 1,000 pearls to successfully upgrade an item with cost 88.

Agree with opelle 7 days cooldown is way too long… really crazy…


4 should be max indeed 

Now you scare me, i didn’t pay much attention to aether’s sentence. Knowing that fg never really put a clear info and always tell us to find out ourselves because it will be more “fun”, that’s a huge possibility. But sofar i forged my spells and troops with success on either 1st or 2nd forge, haven’t tried to forge building again after the update. I hope it wasn’t only a temporary luck  :unsure:

+4 on shield cost 350 pearls. Hell yeah

Whats the 7d cooldown thing? Cooldown after a fail?  After a fail i have no cooldown, but luckily success on next spin. -_-