The problem isn't scream boost - The HUNSolution

Problem : Nerfing scream boost and troops/towers takes the fun out the game.


One thing us HUNS like to do is get into the HUNSLab and figure out how to take down Budakalasz’ base. You see, Boss has an almost maxed base all the time. He has stockpiles of towers and obstacles that he maxed quickly. If a HUNS member can beat his base, it’s a ‘coming of age’ milestone. Even without many boosts, his base is VERY difficult for players lower than level 90. It’s still be difficult for players level 90-95.


Before and after the scream boost nerf, the base was beatable by lvl 90 players. That shouldn’t have been. With the scream boost nerf it’s a little tougher, but still beatable.


However, with the Uberblasters stacked with Frost Frenzy Blasters, the base is near impossible for kings up to at least lvl 96 (my level!)  with fully maxed spells and strong leadership/scream.




The problem is not that scream boost was too strong; it was that elements of the game don’t add enough power to high-level bases. But Uberfrostblasters show that by making the game more about strategy and having fun pieces to work with, high-level bases will remain mostly unbeatable.


Solution : Give the game more challenging elements, but let people use the scream boost they have already. The nerf wasn’t necessary. Flare should think about how certain elements (troop combos, tower placement) like boosts change the strategy of the game and create a natural disparity between players rather than the artificial one that nerfing brings.


Flare has shown that stackable boosts is one way to make bases strong. It would be amazing if Alliances could form an “identity” and choose what boosts they get and therefore stack them in a certain way. For example, HUNS could be the Arb Superboosted alliance that naturally resists alliances that stack boosts on knights/ogres. Another alliance could be heavy in Mummies that wipe out bands of arbs in one swift blow, even from across the lane.


No matter what, end the scream nerf and let us have our gear at full strength again.








What’s HUNS?

Seems to me like scream got nerfed again slightly.

HUNS is an alliance that s been around since the beginning of all wars… Not to be mistaken with NUNS

Who is blookie bloo? :wink:


I am not an overlord. I am not Moses in Exodus. I am Adju, the GREATEST PLAYER OF ALL TIME!


Is that too hard to remember?







yeah… thats hard


hail to Adju the greatest  kazoo  player of all time

Adju, I totally agree with you. High level bases should be beaten by high level players. That balance can be created by FG in a number of ways. Nurfing a fundamental game mechanic that people worked towards for a long time is a disincentive. FG, solve the problem by turning this into an incentive. Love it Adju !

Hi guys,


I am an old crab in this game, but I do not really use (and did not) scream boost, only leadership - that still helps me to beat my base (and sometimes others’) using old (maxed) unused spells…  :grinning:

But if Flare should tell, that my leadership boost is maxed in 12’000, I would say ‘Good bye’.

Everybody payed for that boosts with pearls or gems, so there is no way to reduce them (and yes, I have also scream boost items with total about 100%).


Flare did a good job again to decrease customer satisfaction…

I would say, that is not what I payed for. (Yes, I did. A lot).




Oh, yes Spartecus, you are right.

I am sitting on the wrong side of a horse.  :wacko:


I will write a list what to do for Flare.

1st point: buy a lot of gems…

2nd point: buy much more gems…

3rd point…