The problem with festivals

Vault cap - it’s most annoying during festivals. It’s practically impossible to get that “just about” amount of raid gold to not go over the limit too much as it is, let alone with bigger loot from festival raids.

What’d help is if the vault capacity limit was removed during festivals. I’ve suggested before that you could have more gold than you can hold until you log off, this could work similarly. You have, say, 13.6 million gold, you win a raid for 2.5 million, so you end up with around 16.1 million. You immediately spend 15 million on an upgrade (btw who’s idea was it to require 100% gold for an upgrade, and has he been slapped with a wet cabbage for his brilliant idea? ) leaving you with 1.1 million in the vault that would’ve been otherwise wasted. Isn’t that a lot better? It’s A LOT better for festivals when you try to maximise your income for most efficient upgrades.

I agree, but I also don’t want to be slapped by a wet cabbage ??


they should just make higher level tresure champber not only give more shield but more gold

That would make upgrades even more expensive. If the vault could hold 20 million then that’s how much every new max level of everything would cost.

But I guess it’d be something. Not what I had in mind though.

they dont have to do that they could do that for new levels if they add some there could just be higher level tresure chamber max for not wasting loot on your final attack and id say they could make it something smaller like 16 - 17 mill

I agree with Harisgok. It would make more sense just to add another level to the Treasure Chamber. Also, Jiggle, the Chamber doesn’t fill up extremely quickly in festivals. Of course, it fills up probably 7-10 times faster, but you can still find plenty to use that gold on. For instance: Upgrades and sending items to the blacksmith to melt. Remember also that there are only 10-15 attacks MAX per day with the festival. That’s probably 25-30M you’re gonna get, maybe a little more if you hae 100% in Gold Perks. But a high level upgrade costs over 10M just by itself. Surely you can find things to use this gold on