The problem with trophies

Now for the attack given 1 trophy of all. I spent testing. He attacked the man, and he is also the total number of cups withholden, 1 trophy. Like all logical.
But why, then, for me, if the opponent was the protection is taken away immediately 45 cups?

It turns out that I need to block one defeat 45 victories? Really?

пиздaрики нa вoздушном шaрике :slightly_frowning_face:

Almost -500 cups today. Now I’m 500 times it is necessary to defeat opponents, 80% of which are active with the blessings and almost impassable?

this is ridiculous I’m level 53 but I have to win one trophy every war against higher level players than me ( 60 or 63 )just because they have less trophies ? that is a stupid system,should be by player level not  trophy level  because there are many players levels 60 and up with low trophies im done with this better stop playing is a waste of time…