The Real Illuminati

Hello. I am FaZe Diablow. The leader of “The Real Illuminati”. There is a major crisis at stake. Every other Alliance thinks that they can just destroy our kingdoms, burn our crops and food, and take innocent lives. Well, they, are, wrong. We must fight back as one disguised as many. We don’t ask, we command. And don’t, take, no, for, an answer. Because We, Are, Legion. Join us now, and you will be guaranteed wealth, land, and glory beyond what you have ever seen. We will build up our army, and we will, take, over. No one will stop us. We are close, yet so far away towards ruling the lands. We, need, your, help.

-Godspeed, FaZe Diablow.

(No but seriously, join for some fun, everyone is welcome, and must be committed. Thanks.)