The Rise of Valhălla ! ! !









Valhălla  -  From Norse Mythology it is a majestic, enormous hall located in Asgard, ruled over by the gods.  













For anyone wanting to join just message me, or directly search the alliance name and apply.      




***    ( Preferably above the 3,000 trophy range )


Players must be active in donations and also in upgrading your tower to help the alliance expand.     jempol2.gif

Valhalla looks like its off to a great start.

best of luck to you.

I thought Valhalla had unlimited space being another world

For now I rate it 13/13 since that’s how big Valhalla is currently m8

WoW!! Amazing!! Good luck!!


I checked out yours lolol  seems like you might be a threat someday, got the frequent posters on your side, Good luck to you also ! 


Slow & steady…you know what comes next :slight_smile:

Can’t wait for the update to be ready for iOS so I can join a good alliance  :slightly_frowning_face:

sorry we stole your top player  :stuck_out_tongue:

Fii… We don’t steal others… We just provide them freedom to be themselves so they get attracted to us.

They will try the rest and settle with my the best.

I guess i’m doing better than you guys or else you wouldn’t be checking out my alliance and trying to pick off recruits like it’s cherry season.  I just thought you were better than that and would have choosen a different person to do that to, considering i have known you guys since the start of this forum as we were the originals. 

I turned down an offer from a top 10 club to enter the gates of Valhalla


Im no top player but ya gotta admit…


I do look good in a horned helmet


You surely are doing much better than us and we are not cherry picking anyone. There is a reason we are low and have not filled yet. We interested only in people we made friends here in the forum. I guess if some people have chosen to move out of your alliance then its only for their friendship with other members and reflects in no way what both the alliance represents. Also remember, if they move from one alliance for whatever reason, they can move out again for similar reasons.


You surely are welcome to peek into our alliance and invite anyone you want. We wont be putting any obstacles in that.


Good luck to your alliance and I am sure in near future will be meeting you up in the alliance leader board.


Kudos to You guys for having a tight knit group so i doubt i will be getting anything from there anytime soon. 


So good luck to you also and see you guys at the top ! 

Do you have what it takes to join a top team?

Valhalla has opened its gates!

Become our our 17th member and enjoy a 23% gold boost and the power of the GODS!


See the top of this thred for basic criteria.


Valhalla cracks top 10 in leaderboard!



I have assumed Interum Leader status in Valhalla.


To those who wear our shield:

Ill do my best to keep it in the shape i found it.


To those who seek membership:

Please be pasiant with me as I figure this out all these new buttons.




Good luck Huck, hehe that rhymed