The Road of Ultimate Sorrow

So I was reading the recommendation of ‘stealing’ the GK on successful defeat … and been poking around other posts and Archimides’ observations.

And then it hits me! The ultimate challenge! The ultimate braggadocio!

(from a dev standpoint… actually easy to implement… reuse already made assessts)

The Road of Ultimate Sorrow

So basically - during a war, when you select a strike to make an attack … The Road of Ultimate Sorrow is at the very top.  A player may only challenge the Alliance’s RoUS once (maybe once per day). 

It’s a straight road … no barricades … no towers … no gate.  Just every GK of the alliance lined up from lowest to highest and each must be defeated to challenge the next.  

You get VP for progress through RoUS and mad VP & status for winning.


Love the idea. Not sure how the mechanics would work, but it would be a new addition, straight forward GK comparison, easy to show how they can be beat on same terms (no path making it harder/easier). 

Would actually help people built their heroes in the right direction! It will make wars interesting, not just use gems, get the 95% and move on…

I’m pondering on a hero setup without demo/loh and resistances… damn that’s interesting!!!

You might have some GK loaded up with FB - so stacking Ice Resistance might be practical.

But yea - you would probably start outfitting one of your heros with a second gearset to walk the ‘path’.