The royal guardian is not bound to a Hero Setup

I have found a bug with the new Guardians:

the guardian is not bound to any Hero Setup A - F

If you use different sets, that’s not good, all time on a raid you have to check & change the Guardian

Pals are all fixed to a Hero Setup A-F which is much better ? 

… please check, thank you very much 

Hello @Jesper,

thanks for pointing this out.

We took a look at the current behavior and decided to leave it like this for now.

The reason is that unlike your Pal, your Guardian is not shown in the Throne Room next to your hero. This means you cannot immediately see which guardian you have equipped in each loadout slot whenever you cycle through them. We feel that it is more convenient only having to remember which single guardian you currently have equipped for all slots. We are also reluctant to change this behavior now that players have gotten used to it already.

I hope, one day, we can use a dynamic battle prepare screen for all A - F, then with more usability we can use (subsciption) slots more efficient :slight_smile:

I’m working on a general discussion about that screen that we use for 5 years…