The Royal Unicorns Alliance Page

This topic will be for all things Royal Unicorns alliance! 


First order of business, recruiting:


Hello Royal Revolt 2 players!   The Royal Unicorns (formerly Team SG) is currently recruiting! 


Be sure to read the member requirements section prior to applying.  We welcome all countries, but we only speak English and you must be able to communicate with us.


Current Alliance Details:

Rank: 95 (we usually fall between 100-80 depending on what is going on with higher alliances) Members: 36, Type: Apply to Join, Alliance level: 31, Gold Bonus: 36%


Alliance benefits:

  • We always have Tough Barricade boosted.  Adds +110% health and +150% fire shield.
  • We occasionally activate other boosts, and more during tough wars. 
  • We have a facebook group that we use for more in depth communication.  Here are some things we do on this page:
    • Questions can be asked by any member.  The leader will always reply and other members are encouraged to answer as well.
    • Tutorial videos or informational videos and photos.
    • Extremely detailed defense reviews done by the leader.  Once changes are made to your defense, the leader will test the defense again and as many times as needed.
    • Please note: the link to the group is posted in the alliance description and a member must request to join the group before they can post.
  • Currently we have 36% gold bonus.
  • We are a great team and we really do function as a team!  We help each other and have fun every day.

Member Requirements:

  • New members must be active every day to donate EACH day.  If you cannot donate on a day, you must let the alliance know ahead of time, preferably several days in advance (like if you will be on vacation without access to internet). 
  • Must get 2200 skulls in each war we are in. War raids must be done before any other raids because it is important to make sure you have enough bread if your first raids aren’t 100% successful.  We can help you find good targets to raid during wars if you are struggling.  We do care about helping each other and will support you throughout.
  • Must be able to donate at least 75k per day, however priority will be given to those who donate higher amounts.  We strongly encourage members to keep upgrading the alliance tower.  We need the donations for boosts, which are quite expensive at this level of alliance. 
  • We want members who are going to participate and have fun with all aspects of this great alliance!
  • Members must follow the rules and the instructions of the Leader and Generals. There are times where we want to focus on only 1 war, for example, and thus need everyone to do raids on just that war.  If anyone doesn’t agree with any decision, they are welcome to ask questions, but never instruct other members to do things that go against the standing decision.
  • Never argue with other members in public venues or in the game.  If you want to have a debate, take it offline.
  • <We have never had the last two happen, but I have heard of it so I decided to add it to my list.>

If you can meet these requirements, then you are welcome to send me a message with all your info for consideration.

Hello Maverick. May I know what are the minimum level and trophies count in order to apply to join your alliance. I’m interested in joining your great alliance, but I think my level and trophies count May be low for your alliance

Hi tuan6668, thank you for your interest.  We don’t really have a minimum trophy requirement, but we find that players below 2500 struggle at this level. The level of your spells and troops is probably more important.  We accept players above level 60 for the hero.  The question really is can you compete against players with 2700 trophies during the wars and get 2200 skulls in multiple wars (assuming we have more than one each day)?


What is your in-game name?  I can look you up in the game and see where you are now and advise you on how you stand today.  And if you aren’t strong enough right now, I can keep your name for the future so you could join us at a later time.  If you don’t want to post your in-game name publicly, private message it to me.


Good luck with your game and may see you soon.  Always continue to have fun!


Current Stats:


Rank: 77

Level: 33

Tax Bonus: 11%

Gold Bonus: 38%

Boosts: Barricades, Mummies, Knights, Arblaster


We are currently full.  If you would like to be considered when we have an opening, reply here or PM me your in game name and stats.

We have a spot open for the right player!  Here are our requirements again: donate every day, get 2200 skulls in each war, help each other, talk with us, and have fun!  Please reply or message me if you are interested.

The Royal Unicorns are recruiting!  We are looking for players who want to be part of our family.  We work as a team and have great friendship amongst ourselves.  If you want to be part of an alliance who considers you family, please message me!  Our requirements and rules are still the same.


Current Stats:


Rank: 82

Level: 34

Tax Bonus: 12%

Gold Bonus: 39%

Boosts: Barricades, Mummies, Arblaster, and during wars Cannons and Knights

Hello everyone please also take me in


Alliance. Trophies-2355

IGN- Prince.India

Donation-50k but will be 75k soon

Active in all wars and also help you in farming skulls