The Royal Unicorns - Lvl 36 - English - Hero lvl +80

Alliance Name:  The Royal Unicorns

Alliance Level:  ** lvl 36**

Alliance Leaderboard: Current rank 501 :wink:

Send a friend request to: Odkim if interested, or aply to join.

Alliance can fit 41 members, we are currently only 25 and have a daily donation of 12 mill. We have dropped fiefdoms in this alliance for a long time, and just moved in.

Wars will be easy for some time and we should win all war boost for some time ahead. 

Plans for future is to build this alliance with nice and active members, when we are full we have a lvl 68 alliance we currently drop fiefdoms in.

Requirements to join:

  • Minimum donation 250k
  • Hero lvl +80
  • 3 succesfull attacks in all wars
  • Say hello in chat when you join :slight_smile:


  • We have knights and canon 24/7 + won war boost, mummy will be extended
  • When more members and more money we add more boost 
  • We offer champs for active players if needed to reach next chest


  • Have fun and respect other members
  • Lazy in war gives warning if no word or better effort, we kick
  • _Motto: _We eat them all :slight_smile:


Ok, first post didnt bring much ;-) 

We still Look for more members, and have added some more 24/7 boost. Now Knights, barricades, Canon, Wolf and mummy is always on! And we Win next seasons war boost :slight_smile:

What happend with Petite Alliance? Split? 


No we Just moved Down here for a while :slight_smile: some didnt move with us down. Got tired of losing wars due to some lazy ones, so this was a hard clean up

What happen with somst? He for tired og being online always.

somst inactive.  I wish u good luck.