The scam of rune slots

So, when runes came out I thought “Let me for once get ahead of things and purchase this, since I’ve been catching up the past 2 years to older players”.

5 months later, rune slots made no difference at all for those who purchased it at outrageously high prices.

The rune I have most of is one of those crappy “increase resistance” ones, and I got close to 550 of those, meaning I am close to a lvl5 rune.

Players that don’t have all the slots will be close to a lvl4 right now, so all the investment made has got me a very small advantage. “Oh look, my resistance is not 2400 from rune, its 2700”. RIDICULOUS.

To get to a lvl 6? Still an abyss remains. At the current rate, should take another 20-25 months to get there.

That’s not to say the runes with special effects come more scarcely, I only got 200 or so of those for the rune I have most of. So a lvl6 rune of the special ones should take 60-75 months to get.

That’s also not to say my lvl 5 rune won’t get applied anytime soon, considering game balance changes frequently and the item I equip it to might become obsolete in the future, rendering 5 months of rune gathering useless.

Before naysayers jump in, I don’t think runes should be easy to achieve, specially lvl6. I am only pointing out the fact that selling rune slots was a major scam, they make no practical difference at all.

I could argue some offers that came later with gems were a much better deal, but also that is not the point here. We got sold something for a premium price that makes absolutely no difference at all in game.

Kudos flare

Rune slots r fine as 4 me. Major problem is that when you apply a rune it is wasted so there r 2 paths:

  1. you collect all to get lev6
  2. you push all you have righ away
    When you considder forging - it is additive so you can forge one by one and it is succesivly stronger. It would be a lot interesting if you could merge runes that are already applied on tower/item/spell/unit. Maybe without way to remove it. I don’t think a possibillity of removing it would be an exploit but i might be wrong :thinking:

Agree. The major flaw in the entire rune-system is that once applied, it is lost. So all we can do for the next year(s) is save them until we have enough of one kind to eventually make a lvl6… Not very exciting

Don’t get side tracked here. Runes are a mess as implemented in many ways yes, but the topic here is what a scam the slots were

Costs 40k gems to unlock the slots and they grant the player close to zero benefit compared to those without slots.
(And they keep adding stupid runes to the game, which makes it increasingly harder to get to higher levels.)

The simple math:

Player 1, All slots open:
40 runes x 30 days x 5 months = 6000 total.
Add 7 runes from pearl and gold daily chests x 30 x 5 = 1050. Total 7050 in 5 months.
There are 30 different runes, so that is 235 of each rune.

Player 2, only 2 slots open:
15 runes x 30 days x 5 months = 2250 total. Plus chests, 1050 = 3300.
That is 110 of each rune.

Takes 125 for a lvl4 rune

That’s basically saying player 1 spent 30k gems more on slots, and 5 months later he reached the same lvl 4 rune player 2 is about to get.

After that, it would take more 10 months so that player 1 reaches 625 runes to get a lvl5 rune. And that would grant him a minimal advantage perk-wise, which is absurd.

No, slots are not fine.

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It’s not a scam when all info is available to you.

You knew what are the chances of each individual rune to be found daily. You knew how many is needed for a level 6. You also knew the price of the slots.

Whether they were worth the price, that’s a different story. But you were definitely not scammed into buying the slots.

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It is no surprise you would jump in to defend flare or pick a technicality to diverge from the point of the topic or minimize the criticism.

Pick another word instead of scam, whatever you like.

Fact is it cost us 40k gems to open slots that amount to no difference whatsoever inside the game

Meanwhile, we are bombarded with USD 100 offers to buy runes every other week.

On your statement, however: no, players are not informed of how many you need for lvl 6, how many pearls it will cost, nothing. In game information is non-existent, and very few of us come to the forums to try and dig up the information.

Yes, you might be right about that. But it depends on the time horizon of getting lev6 rune. Acually now it is very dissapointing. Especially when you collect all to get lev6 in the end.
From the other side it would be very bad if you could get 2x hammerstrike in a year :confused:

I did say whether it’s worth or not is a different story altogether. It has to do with game balancing. Saying you were scammed by a company is a huge allegation and you clearly weren’t.

I’m not defending Flare. I’m only saying they aren’t scamming people. However, if you say Flare is terrible at balancing the game, this much I agree. I have ALWAYS advocated for a better defense in the game. Like at least 50% tougher for defense. I also voiced out that Nemesis should be nerfed and in another thread I even pointed what should be nerfed. The point is, the entire game is absolutely out of balance now but you were definitely not scammed into buying anything.

All the information is here in the forum. This much you have admitted. There is a button in the game itself where it will lead you to this forum to find out more information about the game. If you refuse to press the button to find out more info, then that’s on you. there’s no way they can fit all the info inside the game itself. Having a convenient button to press that will lead you here is more than sufficient.

As for the offers, if you don’t like them, don’t buy. I’m a free player myself. When the offer comes I just let the purple button remain purple.

Yes we are all free to buy or not buy, while flare is free to put whatever price it wants on whatever stuff they want to sell.

That does not change the fact that they introduced a major new mechanic to the game and with that, charged premium price for us to have something that doesn’t alter a thing in reality. If that is not misleading, I don’t know what is.

Btw, to be very honest, infomation is here on the forums yes, but it always comes after a lot of asking around. Costs of upgrades, how many runes and all that only came after a while. So if we want to be strict, the information was not there in full when slots were released, and the early adopters bought something thinking they would get more value than they actually got.

Just think BS slots and the huge difference they make.

As time goes, it becomes more and more clear that the rune slots were the biggest rip-off in the game.

The problem with Runes is the permanent nature of applying them, especially for item runes, the cost to collect and upgrade is an order of magnitude greater than the use derived from them.

Imagine getting a L6 rune, applying it to your skull/heal ring, and the next day they release a skull/skull ring.

Runes should be transferable between items at current rune value %, should allow a re-forge to get a greater %, and should be removable to include back in the rune pool for further upgrades. These changes should cost a reasonable amount of pearls to do, and with that, most of the issues with runes are resolved.


The real problem is the increase of rune types (that could look great at first sight) but make more and more difficult to get max runes as the rune incomes aren’t increase enough and even worst pearls income are decreased quite a lot…
But the real problem is of topic and is that fg are nerfing things that don’t need to be nerf and don’t nerf the only thing that need to be nerf…

What’s the only thing that needs to be nerfed? Say it =)

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It’s nemesis, I thought it was clear to everyone


i agree with bolhas , these slots are scam , i regretted unlocking them , very often 3 of the slots produce hero item runes , but sometimes all of them only item runes

Can’t say it is a scam, but i do agree it really not worth to invest, its take years to see the results.

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You have right.
We have four slots and I get (random! … - crazy) each day unuseful runes for items, sometimes all of them get only item runes … For me it’s mistake.
If I have four slots, then each slot should produce random one kind of rune (for items, spells, units, obstacle/towers)

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You r very right. If i considder:

  1. time horizon of getting lev6 rune
  2. fact that some new runes has been added
  3. price of all rune slots
    i must say that income from the rune slots has very bad balance.
    I am only glad that there is more extra runes income from chest, festival, daily quests etc.

Hm dont understand your math

Or you have 15 from 2 rune slots or you have 40 from 4, daily.

if scam is too big a word for you, at least a very mean marketing trick, why? let me present my point of view.
No choice what kind of rune we will get from production or from the box, no information about what kind of runes we will get, ability to check only the next cost of the upgrade , it is not possible to see how much% the statistics will increase 2 levels further.
I have notice many more abnormalities but those comes to mind first.

Its strange opinion
I have a sheet with all runes from 1 to 6

Its not a secret😏
Same with all cost of all runes.