The Score Decrement Counter Has Stopped

It was fine last night, after I did my last raid 5/5, it was 1 vs 3, the score-to-supreme victory’s still decreasing over time.
But this morning when I checked again, 4th contender jumped in (1 vs 4), double check score after 1 minute, after ten minutes, after half an hour, check-check-check… there’s no decrement at all???
Is that a bug?
Worried if I’ll be stuck there forevah… (read: whole day zzzz) ?
#stuckforever #boredashell

The “first hours” mentioned in the description means the first 12 hours, during that time the value needed for a supreme victory constantly decreases. After that first 12 hours, that value stays the same unless the defense or attack rating values changes (players joining the war).