The Skull Bonus AKA "Loser Bonus" should be removed.

This feature injects a strange and unnecessary series of tactics, etc into the war event. It’s incredibly silly that alliances try to lose ON PURPOSE to acquire the extra skull % bonus for use later in the war event. There should be NO reason an alliance TRIES to lose a war tile. Every alliance should be striving to get stronger, not to stay low in fiefdoms and use silly tactics to beat alliances currently stronger than them. The dynamic this “loser skull bonus” feature creates is an entirely negative one and it’s removal should be at least discussed considering the negative impact it has had over these last few months.

Totally agree on this. In my opinion you should get skull bonuses for WINNING, not losing. To add some context here: You shouldn’t gain skull bonus if you win a defensive battle, however, if you win and take over a fiefdom, THEN you should get the bonus. I hate that alliances get rewarded for losing

Its tge way to dominate at the maps.

i cant say i like the loser bomus but i think its ok

Loser bonus should be only valid against a team you lost a war against, not against teams where the team benefiting the bonus did not lose against.

For example team A loses a war against team B. When team A faces team C, D, E or F, that loser bonus should not be active. Only during a new war between team A against team B, that loser bonus should be applied. 

its really non sense to rewards more a alliance with skulls bonus. This thing should be remove

You have more advantage to lose than win. You see the non sense here

By example in this war we fight hard alliance and cannot win any but during this war we got 2 and 3 wave each day. The loser bonus is now at 15% Skull plus the main conditions at 10% so same if you have 0% SP. you have 25% more skull. So we do 4k+ so easily reach Pal Uber Chest at 40k. During a winning phase you cannot do this without having at least 25 or 30% SP

So this system is totally non sense since day 1. Why someone should win when you can lose and gain more lol.Really

At this moment someone who have already 30% SP plus 25% give 50% SP. So easy 60k+ during this War


What’s the problem with loserbonus?

I haven’t seen hard-fought and exciting wars since months!

It should not be removed, i also think it can reverse the tide of the war.

This feature brings suspense till the end and also brings a more fair match.

Complaining that war matchmaking is unfair and then complaining about what can give you more chances to win a war when you are in a disadvantage…Lol

The whole alliance game now it’s based on losing on purpose, could be to stay low in fiefdoms, to get the bonus during war or  to stay low in conquest points. And even when you want to win you do it trying to win as few fiefdoms as possible and as few points on conquest as possible… 

Totally agree the loser bonus is ridiculous. Should be removed. 

The loser bonus useless. In wartime you must also prohibit the use of scrolls :wink:

I like it. It keeps things interesting.

Last day it doesn’t really matter, that’s fiefdom dumping day in case it doesn’t affect the position any longer or when teams don’t want to gain any fiefdom. We see players getting kicked out, just to lose wars. 

Loser bonus should be only applied against teams where a team already lost against. 

While I agree with your 2nd point (there should be a strong incentive to NOT stay low on fiefdoms and increasing fiefdoms should be highly promoted through game mechanics), I don’t agree with the 1st point (loser bonus).


The loser bonus (which is a flawed system and could be improved, for sure), promotes war strategy, which in turn makes it possible to beat stronger alliances. Anytime a superior strategy allows you to beat a stronger opponent, that’s something you want to have in your game.

Ideally, the loser bonus was introduced to make it easier for alliances to increase their fiefdoms. It’s taking a long time, but there are definately more alliances with 60/70 fiefdoms than before (and several with 80+, which was rare).

All in all, I wouldn’t say the loser bonus was a huge success, but it’s kind of working.

Hi there,

Before the implementation of the bonus, many alliances have not even started fighting, if they have met allegedly stronger alliances in War. The bonus adds sense to this to at least fight for a better position in the next round. We do agree however that the loser bonus does have some unwanted side effects that are not optimal and we will think about how to improve the overall situation in the future.

Thanks for sharing your concerns.

The most problem of loser bonus is his size.

1% of sp alliance average is 2200. Just imagine how MANY it cost to make 1% after as example 32% . Or after 34%. Its a millions of a gems.

but 1% of loser bonus is 4400. And its make really easy.

thats the main problem.

the second problem is a tiles.

i understand the idea you had when you improved the system. But i think you SHOULD give something more interesting for the owners of the bif amount of tiles. VL have 120 tiles and we have nothing as prize exept the problems vs every other alliance.

when we fight against everyone we have only 0.3 multiplayer but our opponents have 1.5. Its mean we spended millions of gems but EVERYONE have 5x more chances to win us. And also we have no prizes for 120 tiles

the problem of loser bonus in wars are just the top alliance like VL when they are facing competent alliances like RL and Todes. but for the rest of the alliances that are mid to lower alliances below rank 30 below that loser bonus makes the war interesting. i honestly don’t see any issue here. only for named top alliances that are fighting for supremacy are having this unique problem ?

Agree. And as part of VL i have nothing about this loser exept:

the value- loser bonus is too high in sculls

the tiers. The owner of 120 tiles SHOULD have something  really cool, else its no need to have 120. Check RL . 114 and absolutly same everything but a huge advantage against the 120 tiles alliance


and i like to see how are the mid alliancea have the chance to beat Rl, Vl, Tod with a loser. Its really good

Yes, you do. Your war boosts are stronger (except for pyro and froster).

Maybe it’s not as good as you would like it to be, which is fair.

Lets check?

Its ur mistake

all war boost are max at 100-110 fieldoms

airblasters at 111


so we have nothing for 120 fiefs and thats a problem