The Snapes - Level 3 - Trophy Req (600+) - English

Everyone is welcome to join. Our guild is meant for beginners from hero level 1 through approximately 35 (People who are higher level will probably not join anyways XD). We want to help members get to know the game better and advice about base design, strats for getting gold fast, winning tournaments etc.




 - Moderately active (its ok if you play once every few days or so; I’m in school myself so I understand that :wink:


  • NO DONATION AMOUNT REQUIREMENT. If you can upgrade your alliance tower to donate more, then you can do it if you want. However, if you are unable to do is its ok. Just donate as often as you can because donations under 50k really doesn’t cost much to you.


  • Though we do not require people to be active nor do we require people to be high level, we do ask that people have at least 600+ trophies. 600 is borderline kick. If you are under hero level 10 I will give a little bit of leeway but over level 15 you really should be in the 750 trophy range at least (Get your attack game on!).


  • The first 7 people in the guild (not counting me) will receive general immediately but abuse of power will result in demotion or a possible kick from the alliance. Other than that, I will still give general ranks rather generously XD.


  • Speak English. It doesn’t have to be very fluent, but if you can communicate in the alliance chat you are fine. Chances are, if you can read this post you probably know enough English.


I can’t think of anything else other than that. Remember, we are a guild for beginners to have fun! It’s ok if you leave once you get higher level, though loyalty is appreciated.


More high level players don’t leave hate here. I don’t care for that crap. You can go dump it somewhere else.


If you are a beginner and need a friend code, here is mine: ASDCMCOGC

gee what a nice idea for a clan…i hope you fill up fast and prosper


BTW once I get my alliance tower high enough level to donate 100k, I will run blazing knights once a day. I know its not.much to you pros, but it.makes a big difference to newbies. XD

We currently have 5/7 slots filled and will prob upgrade again in a few days. We have one dude at440 trophies and another who seems to have gone inactive so we can make room :stuck_out_tongue:

Pardon my bad grammar and spelling cuz I’m on my phone rn.

Bump. We can now upgrade our alliance but are waiting for the opportune moment to take advantage of the free boost :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool. Hope u get to 8 active members soon, for wars!

(I remember used to thinking that 1k trophies was high nd 1.5k unbelievably distant!!)



Remember: you do kinda need to know English to communicate XD.

Bump. Level five now. Have a few open spaces! If our guild is full, drop me a message on the forums or in game and I will see what I can do! (We have an inactive guy with 400 trophies. But hey the gold bonus is nice XD)

Bump. We currently have 1 open space.


By the way, if any pros are reading this. Can someone explain to me how paying for elite boosts work? If say leveling to the next alliance level requires 150k gold, and you currently have 120k paid and use a 100k boost, do you move down to 20k/150k ? If you do it multiple times could you go negative ( 0k/200k gold amount needed increases)? Could you lower the level of your alliance? Is there a way to pay for elite boosts without using treasury money?


I have trouble figuring out this mechanic and am not eager to mess around with it.


Thanks :wink: