The source of the problem

Everyone is focusing on the skull perk. This is causing a lot of complaints and discussions. I agree. Everybody agree. 

But why the main problem is just only now? Just only after the 2.2 update?

Well,i think the source of this problem dates back to the introduction of the BLACKSMITH.  Several months have passed after the introduction of this feature.

The  BLACKSMITH WAS THE STRAW THAT BROKE THE CAMEL’S BACK.  Already prior. So the problem is not now but before. I was very disappointed and sceptical when the Blacksmith was released. It was a clear way of milking cash. I reported this problem on the forum but you know,people forget.

Day after day,people started to get used to that feature. The habit plays tricks. 

I still hate the blacksmith. The more you forge(=buy gems),more and more you get stronger. I think it’s clear.

So why cause such a mess just now? Was not the introduction of the blacksmith an huge problem? So why just now?

Who said it’s only now? There are many topics about it already prior 2.2. Flare ignore it, players forgive and managed to live with it. And history will repeat, this is just a temporary storm  :rolleyes:

The habit says it’s only now. But it’s not what is supposed to be. This is cannot be only a temporary storm. Since the blacksmith,each update has been full of greediness. We need to rebel against this situation. We cannot remain impassive.

Since they fixed the failure rate on the blacksmith (always success in 2 spins), it’s actually a fairly decent feature, sure, pearl generation should be about 2x what it currently is, but it’s fairly OK.

The problems stems from randomness of perks, and having a perk that adds nothing to the player, is very hard to get, and makes a huge difference in alliance wars (Skull perk).